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68Newell 05-18-2015 04:28 AM

1968 roof advice
Hi all,

I recently purchased a 1968 Newell 30' coach. There are many good things about it, however a bad thing is that water has leaked inside previously as evidenced by soft plywood underlayment I'm now replacing. I used a product called Through the ROOF to seal holes and some other places on the roof needing attention, which seems to have stopped the leaking for now. I'd like to coat the roof with some sort of paint. I'm looking for advice on a product that will stick well to aluminum and provide good sealing properties. Would something like this be sufficient to seal along riveted aluminum seams or would those need something extra applied specifically to them in addition to a general roof coating?

I am admittedly a novice so all advice will be appreciated. I've never owned a motorhome or camper before so I'm diving right in on this project, but I'm having fun and learning a lot in the process. Thanks!

MrE 05-19-2015 02:27 AM


I have owned two classics, a 73 and an 86, and haven't had an issue with the roofs leaking water because of the factory design. What I would pay attention to is any holes cut in the roof or rivets replaced and make sure that they are sealed properly. If there are any areas that have old sealant, I would suggest removing all the old sealant, cleaning the area, and re-sealing.

68Newell 05-19-2015 03:50 AM

Thanks Jon for your comments! I gather from your reply that any paint I use on the roof would be for cosmetic purposes only then and special sealant paint isn't necessary, nor is any special sealant required for the aluminum seams. Roof holes have all been re-sealed and she's dry for now!

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