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ikcandco 10-16-2007 07:18 PM

'' ~ ''
~ In Different Racing Categories, many 'Racing Drivers and Teams' own 'Newell Coaches.'

~ I, as a 'Race Car Driver,' would certainly like to have 'My Name' and 'Team Mentioned' in a sec-
tion of '' especially when the team finishes in the 'Top 10,' this would become ano-
ther way of supporting and keeping track of the teams.

~ This section would help keep this forum active and a tool for the teams, owners, fans and . . .

~ Also providing-us the teams that do own 'Newell Coaches' and perhaps make fans of 'We' All !'

~ It could be posted in a 'New Segment' called : . . . . . . . . . .

~ The 'Racing Teams' would send the info to '' or to the 'Newell Coach $ales
' that could keep this 'New Section' up and running.
'' ~ ''
~ Also they could be a section in the ' Gallery' dedicated for photos of racing
teams and their 'Newell Coaches.'

~ These photos could be posted by any ' Members,' by the 'Racing Teams,' by
'Racing Teams Fans' or by the 'Newell Coach $ales Department' (after-all, it's their department that
'Handle The $ale$ of these 'Newell Coache$'' and they must follow and must be great fans of these
Teams, "If You' All Know What I Mean $ ! $ ! $ !")
May God Bless
KC ~ 86a What's this?
p.s.: I would place the 'Newell Coach $ales Department' responsible for this new addition.

ikcandco 02-16-2008 03:24 PM

"This Post Wouldn't Exist if the
'Request in the Upper Post' had been publish . . .
Well What Can We Do ? . . Hummmmm !"
'' ~ ''
>> . . . and the 'QUESTION :' The $64,000.00 Question by CLICKING HERE
'' ~ ''
>> I would be probably 'Writing Another Post' or 'Complaining About Something Else' or 'Just . . .
May God Bless
KC ~ 1999r What's this?

ikcandco 02-16-2008 04:32 PM

This Is
'N-A-S-C-A-R _ W-E-E-K-E-N-D'
This Is The 'B-I-G _ O-N-E'
>< I would like to present my 'Blessings' and best of 'Wishes' to all 'Newell Coach, NASCAR
' on this 50th running of the 'DAYTONA 500' and the start of 'NASCAR's 60th Anniver-
sary Season
>< One Way or the Other 'NASCAR Drivers' that own 'Newell Coaches' are always way ahead
of the pack ! In their hearths they're always in the winner circle, they own the best Coach on this
planet, a Newell Coach !'
It's Going To Be A Bumpy Ride !'
>< You'll see during the race drivers that own other types of motorhomes will try to Bump ! . .
Push ! . . Smash ! . . Stop ! . . Destroy ! . . Shove ! . .
. . Oh No ! No, No ! So Sorry ! . . That's in
the other race, the Democratic presidential nomination race ! ! !
Racing While Day Dreaming !'
>< Owning a 'Newell Coach' and Being a 'NASCAR Driver' is not a simple task ; throughout
these 500 miles, the thoughts of the Drivers will be focus on one thing, the warm and refreshing
home style welcome that their 'Newell Coach' brings them. An home-style feeling experience on-
ly by drivers in the fast lane.
>< . . . and we all know what the non Newell Owner-Drivers will be Day Dreaming during the-
se 500 miles . . . 'I should have bought a Newell . . . to bad I didn't purchase a Newell . . . I should
have bought a Newell . . . to bad I didn't acquire a Newell . . . and so on, and so on . . .
>< Don't forget this Sunday on 'Fox' the 50th Running Of The 'DAYTONA 500.'
>< . . . and while we're still on the subject it would certainly be pleasant to answer the
'QUESTION' and Post Photos and/or Leads
The $64,000.00 Question by CLICKING HERE
May God Bless
KC ~ 1999q What's this?
Source : Main Photo NASCAR - Top Photo Banner FOX

Erika 03-07-2008 05:31 PM

We in admin have been hashing around the idea of a specialty page dedicated to Nascar and Newell's. Any such member ideas for this type of thing, can be submitted by "PM" private message by clicking the button at the top and sending it to us.

We would really appreciate any help from the members! 8) As well as any other types of ideas to make this a better place to hang out.

Forum Admin :D

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