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Default Basement AC rescue

Well, I have just replaced our third and last AC motor in the basement. I bought 2 replacement motors from Newell, but neither held up past a month. I went on a mission to find a replacement and found one. We have Dometic basement units. Here is a pic of the old motor and the label to the box of the new one. There is also a pic of the problem; the bushings. I found this motor with ball bearings in it. The new motor has 7 wires, but the old has only 3. I have a pic of the wiring as well. The Brown from old is removed or capped off. It is not needed because the new motor has a capacitor with it. The Black, Blue, and Purple go to the BLACK from the AC. The Yellow, Orange, and Red from the new motor are wire nutted together. The White goes to the White. We have used the first replacement for over a year now and it is still going strong. We spend a lot of time out west in 100 degrees plus and the units run 24/7. I hope the pics upload well enough. If you are having problems with the bushing-style old motors, I strongly urge you you consider replacing the motor. They are almost half-price too!! Interestingly enough, the new motor is a Rescue motor! ...............................................Can 't get the pics to upload. Will try another time.
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