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Hi Jon, Yes my floor is pretty much finished other than new sil plates and automitive carpet in the storage bay, I wanted to get rid of any wood all together, and the main structure (1-1/2 tubing was starting to sag), I also added the 1-1/2 and 1x1 tubing along the edge under the sils to add alot more strength to the sides, all there was there was a small piece of 1/8 steel bent in a C shape with the aluminum skin riveted to it, This also having somewhere to tie in my new cross members, any side impact here will be the pity of anything that runs into it. All the steel got coated with por15. My waste tank is 1/8 aluminum, probably would have been easier to build new but time and materials were the issue, I put a whole new bottom in it and some side pieces with 3/16, and all new fittings, ( got rid of the the threaded and went with pipe for rubber couplers). This way there is room for any movement. Newell had the tanks sitting on wood bases that were rotten also, so I built some out of aluminum tubing, then put a strip of rubber weatherstrip between the tank and the base. The floor is 3/16 aluminum painted with endura and installed with metal roof sealant, sikaflex and 3/16 stainless rivets. I had no issues with dimensions, I put new holes in where the new plumbing had to go.
I like the idea of the epoxy coated tank, that would definately help preserve the inside of the tank, I do plan on doing that. these tanks are easy enough to pull in an out. What did you make your new tank out of? I think the tank leakage is the culprit in alot of these older Newells rust issues, the rest of the coach is pretty good other than the battery bays that need some attention. Did your 77 have the heat exchanger water heater? was there some kind of mixing valve in it?
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