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Originally Posted by TomGauger View Post
... we BOTH like the idea of the rear lounge. We've never seen one and Brian Pitts says Newell only builds those to order. So, can anyone answer questions about the rear lounge? How wide is the Murphy bed and is it comfortable? Do owners feel the rear lounge was a good idea?

I've seen three. For me the pros outweigh the cons, but it may be different for you.

Cons * More expensive to build, as all floors on slide outs need to be flat floors.
* The bed has to physically be raised and lowered to the floor ~ no mechanical assistance. While it's not super heavy, its not a 1-finger operation either. (especially if TV is added - see Pros)
* Bed mattress height will be lower. Rather than top of bed hitting you at your upper thigh, it will be below the knee.
* Will obscure one window when traveling, as bed will be folded into the wall
* Almost forces you to put two TVs into the room ~ one to be viewed from bed, other to be viewed when bed is up against wall.
* Eliminates any storage options under the bed.
* Can't have ceiling fan over bed ~ gets in the way of opening & closing.

* You gain a whole additional room for living during the day.
* Beds can be as wide as desired (I've seen both queen and king), but you can't go extra long on length due to wall height limitations.
* With the addition of a flat screen TV on the underside of the bed, you've got a great media room. I've also seen that, plus the addition of a roll down screen and projector for a true theater experience.
* You can go for theater style recliners, or I saw a coach with a coach that had a nice couch that jack-knifed with another TV on a televator behind it.
* I've seen the area used 1) as an office, 2) as a media room, 3) as a study
* The bed is every bit as comfortable as a standard bed.

IMO, this is the best way you can equip a coach, as it maximizes every square inch.

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