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"I really don't understand were certain folks pick-up their 'INFO'."
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RV Business, December 1, 2007
«~» Country Coach Inc., Junction City, Ore., laid off part of its work force, a move that Vice
President Matt Howard described as both "a seasonal and market adjustment."

«~» Howard said the total number employed today by the privately held firm is less than
1,400, but noted the company loses a lot of workers, particularly entry-level employees,
through attrition.

«~» "With the RV industry, they (employment levels) go up and down," added Perry. "If a
business like Country Coach left, that would be devastating. Periodic layoffs, we found, are
not uncommon with that kind of industry."

«~» Howard said the company’s "ultra high-end" models are doing well, but less expen-
sive models are under pressure
. "We just need to make sure we stay healthy," he said.
»»»»»»»»» '' «««««~»»»»» '' «««««««««
«~» At present, this is the situation that I've been reading from different sources of 'RV
Manufacturers:' The 'Big Ticket Rvs' are doing good, the 'Entry Level' are also doing
good, it's the 'Middle Class' that is suffering.

»»»»»»»»» '' «««««~»»»»» '' «««««««««
«~» 'Newell Coach:' a 'RV Manufacturer' offering 'Pre-Owned Newell Coaches.'
»»»»»»»»» '' «««««~»»»»» '' «««««««««
«~» Now if someone wanted to compare 'Newell Coach' with 'Others,' well I guess they'll
have to compare to these :
Marathon Coach, Featherlite Coaches, Liberty Coach, Millennium Luxury Coaches all perfor-
ming well even if their coaches have a price tag ranging from 1.7 million to well over 2 million
dollars that is almost double the price of a 'Newell Coach'. . . or am' I mistaken ?
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