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During a recent trip the steering returned to some of the symptoms previously experienced. I removed the gear and pump and had both overhauled by Weller Truck Parts in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I blew the lines out, installed a new filter and installed the advised 10W40 engine oil. I asked the tech that did the overhaul and he stated that the gear was very good inside for being 34 years old and mainly the difference was new seals. The steering is now very precise and linear. Surprisingly the ride is quieter now without a slight knocking sound coming from the front suspension when passing over rough pavement. The cost was $450 for the gear overhaul, $300 for the pump and about a gallon of oil. In addition there was lots of muscle strain in removal and installation, the gear with pitman arm weighs about 95 pounds and is very awkward to manage in the confined space.

I guess I'm good to go for another 30 years more or less.
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