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And ultimately it's only worth what it is to the person willing to spend the money. Just because someone thinks their "whatever" is worth more money the buyer is the one who decides if it is worth it.

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I just believe Extras are just that, Extra. In most cases you pay for Extras...such as slides, electronics, options,and things that just Work!

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Chester B. Stone, Jr.
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Dave, I am surprised you are critical of someone merely expressing an opinion, and I can assure you I have no horse in this race. I have been in the market this last year looking for a similar coach. Based on what I have seen, negotiated and purchased, it think it is fair for me to express an opinion without being put down and accused of unethical motives. I hope the seller gets what he is asking for indeed it is a beautiful coach with many attributes.
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Chester I am just confused on all of this Newell pricing being thrown around. Why arent people talking about the ones that sell high? It seems that many on here throw out lowball numbers on Newells only because they want to upgrade or purchase one. That cant be denied. I have been reading the older posts and have found a pattern of people doing it.

No one has addressed my Prevost pricing questions........I find that very interesting.

We must align ourselves with the Prevost market, or are Newells that much inferior of a product? I personally think Newells should be priced above a Prevost, but would settle for equal. Only us (Newell owners) can stabilize this pricing. When consumers see a Newell optioned exactly like a Prevost, but 40% less....many think its an inferior product with lots of issues, and that is simply not the case.
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Jack Fouts
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Interesting dialog. Something that has me wondering and maybe this ties into this thread as well and regarding the mere fact of why Newell cut production in half, but still offer for sale about the same number of used coaches as when they were building 48 coaches per year?
J. Fouts

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Originally Posted by Jack Fouts View Post
Interesting dialog. Something that has me wondering and maybe this ties into this thread as well and regarding the mere fact of why Newell cut production in half, but still offer for sale about the same number of used coaches as when they were building 48 coaches per year?
I agree Jack very interesting dialog to say the least. I will mention that what I see is people want to buy low sell high.


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I think that most coaches are too cheap,when I see 2008 Prevost below 500K it bothers me,now I know that they are orphan coaches but Liberty 2008 XLII are advertised at 699K,those were 1.4M new.All of us must come to grips that the marker has spoken,since 2007 everything that had value has crashed,there is just less money to purchase not to mention to operate these machines,I think that a politician recently said that he wanted to redistribute wealth,he has done just that.
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Help me understand how you see Newell owners stabilizing the market price on used RV's?
If the coach in question has not sold then you have your answer on if it too high or not...
The dealer doesn't think it is worth more than asking price and that price
has profit, overhead, commission, advertising, and negotiation room all built in that
asking price !!!!
yes it is Overpriced....
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That's how the world goes round folks. To each is their own and what one may be willing to pay, another may not. I think we can all agree that we value our coaches and it would be great if the prices stayed up but remember these coaches that you are currently talking about are not 2014 Newell Coaches that are selling for one million plus. There is nothing wrong in saying that a coach is over priced or priced too high. I understand some people want to move up and by doing so you plan on finding a deal, snagging it up and hope to sell for more. But if you found a deal in the first place and you want to keep the prices up, do you really think you'll continue to find a deal at the price you want to pay, when it comes time to buy another coach?

I've read claims that people are saying they have had offers on their coaches for $20,000 or more on what they just paid. If that's the case, why not sell? When a dealer wants to make $100,000 on a coach I think it's fair to say that a coach is over priced. (Not that this is the case on this coach) Just sayin...because I know it happens.

There's more deals to be had when the economy is the way it is and by preying on people who find themselves in desperate money situations. When the economy is doing good you can get the prices you are wanting. In all honesty some people need to come down to reality and realize that just because a brand new model is selling for retail doesn't mean your classic is worth anywhere near the same. A 1989 trying to be sold for $115,000? Give me a break. People who want to buy retail buy new, if you want a deal find one, don't settle for someones over priced motorcoach. Just like when a house in the neighborhood has been on the market too long, everyone has already seen it, no one wants to buy it. And when you've had it for sale for that long... sorry buddy, you're over priced.

I agree extras are extras and EXTRAS are what sell.
Jay Wolfe
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If we live in a market economy, and if supply and demand is still a market dynamic then the greater the demand the higher the price and vice versa. In the luxury motorhome market Newell is a niche player just based upon the small numbers produced. The variety of perspectives present on this forum is but a small portion of the perspectives present in the overall market of luxury motorhomes. Within our forum there are those that opine Newell prices should be higher and others that they should be lower, that Prevosts versus Newells should be priced up, down or sideways. These are all value judgements appropriate from the perspective of the one opining. And whenever a buying value opinion agrees with a similar selling value opinion a trade takes place. This is the joy and freedom of the market economy; we all get to passionately express our opinions and there are variety of options presented to us from which we freely choose. Thankfully we live in a time and place to experience this. Life is hard, a life of freedom of choice is even harder.

Jon and Alie Kabbe
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