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Ron and Susan
06-24-2009, 04:54 AM
We have just purchased a 1988 40' Newell with tag axle.

We got it from a friend we have known for 30 years and so it is easy
to ask questions and feel good about its condition.

Aproximately 5000 miles ago new michelin tires, new chrome rims, new
brake drums, new brakes, new brake actuators, and new front wheel
bearings were installed.

The paint is in great shape execept for a couple of small spots on the front where the clear coat is start to peel.

Refrigerator, toilet, 120 VAC air compressor are also fairly new.

However the TV system is orginal but should be easily updated.
(I am an electrical engineer with a small company that builds
scanning computers for sawmills and Susan runs the office)

Problems that I have noted seem to be fairly common:
Coach a/c is dead and probably uses R12.
The question here is too fix it or just use the generator
when driving?

Odometer doesnt work (but the speedometer does) so the
problem is probably in the dash mounted unit.
Both air tanks bleed down together so I probably need
new check valves (installed by a truck shop!)

The hour meter on the generator doesnt work.
I will check to make sure that it is getting power
before replacing it.

The temperature and tank readouts mounted above the stove
hood did not work.
Removed the circuit boards and scrubbed with alcohol,
and they seem to work now. They are mounted in a bad
place where the water and grease are sucked into the
enclosure with the stove top fan. Need to provide some
protection to the circuit cards.

Minor Air leaks. We need to order hose and fittings and
work on that problem. Seem to hold air only up to 12 hours.

I have some tables that were made showing the location and
function of the air bag solenoids. Can post later if some one
is interested.

I have data that was taken on a truck scale, showing the effect
of different tag axle pressures on the load on the other axles.
Can post later if some one is interested.

I have a large box of PAR 36900-1000 water pumps (4.2 gpm).
Three complete units and enough pieces for several more.
This were removed and replaced with Evenflo or flowjet.

I will give the
pumps away for the cost of UPS ground shipping if anyone can
use them (might be 50-60 lbs). I suspect one or more should
be in operating condition. Otherwise I will discard them.

I will work on photo album entries next.

Ron Gookin

06-24-2009, 05:27 AM
very cool. welcome.

with those injectors and that horsepower rating i would be very interested to know how hot it gets going up an incline. heat is the big problem with these 2 stroke detroits.

another EE is welcome here.....(me too).


06-24-2009, 10:12 AM
On your dash a/c has anybody tried using Duracool?
I was reading about it on the Wanderlodge forum and it sounds interesting. Anybody brave enough to try it?
Congrats Ron & Susan, we've had our '93 39' for about a month now.

Richard and Rhonda
06-24-2009, 01:58 PM
Thank you.

Yes post the diagrams for air solenoids and the tag axle pressure weight tables.

Ok, dash air, been there done that. If the compressor is not shot, you can replace the expansion valve, located at the evaporator (under the dash), remove the compressor and pour the oil out of it, reinstall, pull vacuum, and refill with R134. It'll take about 5 lbs, and around 8 to 10 oz of R134 compatible lubricant. If you want more detail, I will happily oblige, email me at richardDOTentrekinATalconlabsDOTcom

You may not need it in your part of the world, but in Texas with the sun coming in the windshield, their are times the house AC will not keep this boy comfy.

The odometers on the VDO speedometers are famous for failing. A little plastic gear fails in them. Google around, there are a couple of shops that specialize in fixing them. About a hundred bucks best I remember. I fixed my own, but it's not for the faint of heart.

On the PMMI boards above the stove. I had a similar issue with the displays working and not working. Turned out to be a bad solder joint on one of the resistors.

Richard and Rhonda
06-24-2009, 02:59 PM
About the duracool.

Duracool and other similar products are propane, methane, and butane mixtures. From a properties standpoint they work pretty good in refrigerant systems.

They are not commonly used for the obvious reason. Fire.

I investigated this when bringing all my AC systems up to good working order. In the long run, I decided to get my AC license so I could buy the proper gases and use them correctly. I mention this, because many of you are DIY. I spent about a 100 bucks for a good set of gauges, the online licensing was less than 100 bucks, a 25 lb jug of R134A is about 75 bucks at Sam's Club, and I got a 25 lb jug of R-22 for about $250. Seems like a big initial outlay, until you get someone to quote you on working on one of your AC systems. I highly recommend the online licensing, even if you don't pay to get the license, studying for the quiz teaches you the basics of AC and the different gases used.