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Stick Miller
07-02-2009, 04:59 PM
Is anybody familiar with the '94 on ebay with matching trailer. I'm a little surprised there hasn't been any activity at all. Your comments, as usual, would be welcomed.

07-02-2009, 05:15 PM
I have been watching it, and am also surprised that not even one bid. Don't know anything more than what is disclosed in the ad.

07-03-2009, 03:49 AM
It sure looks clean and well kept. I like it. The paint apprears to be in good condition, as well as the leather and carpet. The mileage is very low for a 16 year old coach. The fact that it is a show coach is a plus; that means Newell picked the colors and fabrics and that the colors will match inside and outside and it will also have all of the bells and whistles for that vintage. I would value it at about $72K but that's just my guess. So it is surprising that no one has bid at least $50K for it yet.

Ebayer's always want to steal a coach. They are not interested in paying fair market value; whatever that is in this economy. High dollar coaches rarely sell on eBay.

A broker told me the other day that RVs are selling at a 1/3 discount; I assume that means that a coach worth $100,000 last year is selling for $66,000 now. Ouch! That is just his opinion and you know what they say about opinions!

07-03-2009, 06:12 PM
an ebay story on my coach. it was listed for a fairly high price a couple of times before i saw it in spring of 2007 and didnt sell. i am an experienced ebayer as well. i have bought high dollar items on ebay.

but, i didnt want to compete as they lowered the reserve price. so i talked to the person selling the coach and told him that i was very interested, but would only come look at it and deal if i liked it IF he delisted it on ebay, they don't deserve anything when the buyer and seller make a deal. he agreed to take it off ebay and i drove the 450 miles to his place to look at it the next weekend. we settled on a price and i went back and picked it up the next weekend, drove home, loaded it up the next day and left for a 2 week 6k mile trip where i really learned about it and the few little things that didnt work right...(the leveling system, sound familiar?, and a squeaky steering wheel which we rebuilt at a friends house while on the trip, and the hot water heater started leaking on the last few hundred miles home).

btw, i paid about 30k less than the original ebay reserve price and at the time got a really good deal for the coach, way below what others were selling for then.

so, i know ebay brings buyers out, but sometimes it is just a medium to find buyers to talk to that are serious, as was the case in my situation.

btw, i almost bought 3 other wanderlodges before the newell. in every case i had someone inspect them for me before going to look at them. I would NEVER buy a rig like ours without looking at it with my own two eyes. i went and looked at a coach recently for a friend on this forum and it was really thrashed and i took pictures till my camera battery died. the pictures looked TONS better than real life and i wasnt even trying to do so. so good in fact the person commented that it didnt look that bad.

i put earnest money down on a 95 wanderlodge with a series 60 and the pictures looked fantastic. the description was great. the 250 bucks i paid a professional inspector (i was too far to drive) was well worth it. when he got there, he called me and said if i didnt want to have it inspected he wouldnt charge me anything. it was that different than the pictures and description. it had been smoked in, the tranny was leaking fluid and the engine was filthy with grease. not good signs....lots of other things too and i paid him the 250 bucks gladly. i did get my money back thankfully, but it still would have been cheaper than following through with it.

my lessons are that nothing takes the place of having a third party look at it and then looking at it yourself. my version of what is nice and what condition a coach is in is very likely different than yours and most definitely different than the person selling it.

we have a great network of experienced newellee's here that will gladly look at coaches near us for each other, but it still is just the first step. ya gotta see it for yourself to see if it fits you. if you feel right in it and does it make you feel the way you want to behind the wheel. all of you that own one know exactly what i mean. i love all the newells, some of them i wouldnt want for myself.

i like the newer ones a bunch and would rather have a series 60. having said that, if i had found clarke's coach before him (an 82), i would have bought it in a heartbeat. but as I learn my mind changes.

it is more than condition, it is condition and an emotional connection.

i talked to the owner of the 94 on ebay and it sounds nice. he seemed to be a real straightup guy who knows coaches extremely well. i suspect that will be a nice coach for someone. if you are interested in it, call and talk to him. he is in the northeast so it would be quite a roadtrip to go see it for alot of us, but it is great up there this time of year....

if my coach passes hands ever, the person who gets it will be able to find things wrong with it. that is after i have repaired basically every system in the coach.

sorry to say that is the nature of the beast.

as wally would say.....thats my 2 cents worth and i am sticking to it.


Stick Miller
07-20-2009, 05:24 PM
I'm feeling a bit of non-buyer's remorse. Following along with my better judgement I did not bid on the 1994 on ebay. It sold for just north of $37K. I listened to some good advice from Tom, Ken and from Michael and others and did not buy sight unseen. Trouble is, the seller could not arrange an inspection time. I have no reason to doubt that someone got a good buy, but still have to think I did the right thing. It is tough to make that decision, especially in these times. But, as old Walter used to say" That's the way it is."

I sure would like to find out the eventual outcome of this deal. I sincerely hope the buyer got a good deal and that he/she will join this group of nice and helpful folks.

The Newell
07-20-2009, 05:32 PM
Hi stick,

A couple of things to remember here. First is that is was a 76" ceiling coach and if I recall correctly , you are a tall fella. You will feel much more comfortable in a raised ceiling coach.

Second, without actually seeing and driving the coach, you are taking a risk at things you don't get to witness. it could turn out OK, or it could turn out to be a disaster. I hope for who ever got this coach that it turns out to be a nice one. For sure there is a water leak on the front passenger sidewall where the wallpaper is peeling back. Not a big deal to fix, if you are handy.

It is easy to look back and say i should of bought it. Who knows if the coach needed a lot of work or not on the engine or genset or Aquahot
it was a great deal, but only to the right person that is willing to take a risk.

For a dealer or someone who has done a lot of work on coaches, this would be a great deal. But for a newbie, it may be or may not be. don't know and that is the problem.

07-20-2009, 06:02 PM
Hey Stick:

I agree with Joseph and have always been told that sometimes our best investments are the ones we didn't make. In this case, not being able to do the necessary inspections, is a difficult risk for any of us that would prefer to know the amount of capital and time that we might need to be prepared to invest.

Many of these good folks on this blog, are extremely conscientious about maintenance and upkeep and we keep impeccable records of all work performed. This is invaluable to a prospective purchaser and actually increases the value somewhat. I, for one, will always purchase a car or anything of significance, with records before purchasing one without the records. We all know the saying that has bitten each one of us at one time or another "If it is too good to be true....."

The perfect coach is out here for you. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of time, but how sweet it will be.


07-20-2009, 06:47 PM
Stick, buying one of these behemoths requires a lot of due diligence. When I was making the decision to buy mine I went over the systems 3 times with the seller to be sure everything was working, including starting up the engine and genset. Each run through took almost 3 hours. On the 3rd visit I had him start up the engine, and genset again, and then turn everything on (fridge, basement freezer, A/C's, stove, oven, water heater, ride height, etc.). After doing that then we took her out on the highway and drove it. Only after that did I hand over my deposit check.

If I had known more I would have had the oil (engine and genset) tested, but it turned out OK. He had a lot of documentation going back to the first owner, so I could see that the coach had been maintained, and used....and that turned out to be the most important thing....it had been driven consistantly, and not allowed to just sit.

The other thing is it was stored inside for 22 of it's 26 years (at that time), and then outside in the dry desert climate the last 4 years....that alone accounts a lot for the pristine condition it is in. In a lot of respects I was blessed to get such a great coach. I knew just enough to be dangerous, but I got good advice, and have never had buyer's remorse.

I have only made a few changes to my coach....I took out the 26 year old carpeting and put in wood flooring, and I replaced the CRT TV's with LCD's front and back, replaced the original battery boiler, and replaced the tail lights with LED's. I did replace the tires after a blowout at highway speed. I had to replace the dash A/C compressor, and the cruise control (mine had the Dana which is no longer in production as the company has gone out of business). I've tried to keep my coach "lowtech", so that I can work on the systems myself.e

Stick Miller
07-20-2009, 08:58 PM
Thanks for the comments. As Joseph said, the coach was not tall enough for me. When you are 77", a 76" coach even without A/C's hanging down is a challenge.

I think a lo-tech approach is best for me, but I'd need to find a classic with a raised roof. Does such a creature exist??? Or maybe I could just cut a hole in the roof and add a bubble like on the Popemobile.

07-20-2009, 10:03 PM

I agree with the guys who advocate inspecting the coach with your own eyes. I wouldn't buy anything without first looking at it myself. Another point that was not mentioned, the pictures could have been taken when the coach was close to new. I have seen that trick before.

Just for information purposes; replacing the Aqua Hot tank is $5,000. And you can't buy it and do it yourself. Aqua Hot (Vehicle Systems) will not sell the tank to an individual, only an authorized Aqua Hot dealer (i.e. Newell).

When we removed the tank, found the leaks, and tried to fix them. The integrity of the tank was poor so he couldn't braze or patch the leaks. So I ordered a new tank thru Newell. I should be good for another 11 years! Caveat emptor!