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08-15-2009, 12:30 AM
Several of the Newell Classic Forum members know that I am a new member. I recently purchased a 1971 Newell on Ebay. Part of the purchase was just for the fun of having an RV. The other part was because I love to restore old cars, tractor, lawn mowers, motorcycles and anything else that is worth more when I am finished. This is my chance to restore an RV. Naturally not just any RV, but a Newell.

In the car industry having an antique car with complete documentation makes the value increase dramatically in price. Well It turns out that I have found all of my Newell's documentation in a manilla file folder above the passenger seat. Yep! Everything from the original Ford Welcome letter for having an industrial engine to the complete carb, engine and appliances literature and parts documentation. The original engine Identification plate is here also.

Originally, I was going to make some upgrades but anyone who knows antiques, knows that if you have the documentation you try to put it back as close to original as possible.

It also turns out that the engine in my Newell was a Ford SO engine. The documentation states that this would have been a Special Order Engine.

The manilla folder that the documenation was in is covered in the prior owners handwriting. All kinds of information. I cannot be certain that I have every document that came with the Coach but the stack is about two-three inches thick.

If anyone needs a piece of information please email me. I may have the answer to your question.

My Newell has the Ford 391 with an Allison trans. I have the Kohler Generator but my stack of papers also has information on the Onan Generator.

I also have the complete parts number listing for the engine.