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12-28-2005, 05:25 PM
Since the person that first ordered the coach has some control over the contents we each can have something different.
The name of the first owner might also be of interest. When we visited the factory we asked and received a copy of the
floorplan usd in 1984 for our coach. To find the original we had to supply the name of the first owner and the year of the
coach. I learned that our coach was the only classic built with an instrument panel in the engine compartment. Not a big thing but it makes the point of a difference between classic coaches. I added 4 solar panels from our earlier motor home
and I believe the coach returned to the factury for an update, but do not know the details. If some details for each coach
were in the data base the reader might then know who to contact to discuss their concerns.

Thanks for the site, DON

12-29-2005, 05:27 PM
Hi Don, Welcome to Newell Classic forum and site! Everyone here appreciates you coming in and introducing yourself and we look forward to any sharing you may have. Even if you have nothing to share, hopefully will have something to gain by reading what others have to share. :D

If you haven't posted any pictures of your '84 in the gallery and would like help doing so, please let me know by private message or email. We would all love to know more about your coach.