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10-22-2009, 06:45 PM
I found it interesting that my Newell did not come with a converter. From the posts I have read on this board, I do not remember reading of a converter being used. Of course the battery charger provides the juice, so maybe a converter would be redundant. All my previous motorhomes had a converter/charger so I guess I thought they were standard equipment in RV's.
What prompted this question is that I just installed a http://www.bogartengineering.com/2020.htm
battery system monitor. I intentionally discharged the batteries so I could watch the volts and amps changes as the battery charging process took place. As the system went into the float mode, you could see the volts go to 13.4 & the amps to a -.2 to +.2.
My question is How does a float mode work when additional demands are added to the battery/charger. If a converter was used for the dc load, then the charger could be left alone to just maintain the battery?

Any thoughts appreciated!

Richard and Rhonda
10-23-2009, 12:14 AM

On mine, the charger will go into charge mode once the batteries drop below the charge point. I do see some cycling up and down of the 12v system when this is going on.