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12-30-2009, 10:49 PM
im new to the forum but a proud owner of a 99 newell for over 10 years . i have steadly been upgrading my bus over the last year , and this forum has helped alot . thanks

12-31-2009, 01:17 AM
Hi Paul,

I also have a 1999 Newell (#512). I have been owning it since 2005. It has been a good coach; no slide trouble and only the usual repair/replace needs of a coach that is 10 years old.

Welcome to the forum!

12-31-2009, 01:57 AM
Hi there,
First off, welcome!
I must say you have a beautiful coach. I love the paint scheme. How does your 60 series do pulling that stacker trailer?

Richard and Rhonda
12-31-2009, 02:00 AM

Tell us some more detail about the trailer. I have CRS (can't remember stuff) but I thought I saw a Newell advertised last year by a guy named Paul Tracy, and the rig had a trailer also. BUT, that trailer had wheels at the corners, not a triple axle like the one in the picture. I must be losing it.

12-31-2009, 04:55 AM
sold the trailer with the front wheels about 4 months ago . it was a good trailer just heavy . my coach runs like a raped ape . i went to sturgis last summer . did the long climb out of salt lake to park city pulling a 26ft stacker with 2 harleys and a car in the trailer . only got down about 38mph . my buddy has a 09 newell 650 cat , he was pulling about the same weight as i . i was about 1/4 to 1/2 mile ahead all the way up . detroit series 60 just seems to be getting faster and faster . the new trailer is a 30ft brown motorsports trailer , with a 100in door and a 150 gal fuel station for the toys

12-31-2009, 11:30 AM
Welcome aboard Paul. Beautiful Coach. I pull a Hospitality trailer with my 94, series 60 and it weighs 13 ton! It has no axles but uses the DBX set up and after a learning curve it pulls grades very well. On flat surfaces I hardly know it's there. I'm really impressed with the 60 also. If you're new to this site, you'll Love it. Safe travels and Happy New Year!

12-31-2009, 03:31 PM
Welcome Paul. You'll fit right in here! Safe travels in your beautiful coach!