View Full Version : Your Coach Photos Wanted!

05-12-2010, 04:17 PM
We will be looking at our members profile albums. Some of you are using this feature already and others are not. Many of you members have already added some awesome pictures of your Newell coaches to your albums. We are asking all interested Newell Classic members wishing to participate in the excitement of this project, to please upload any new pictures you would like us to consider. We are looking for beautiful scenic photos and interior shots of your Newell. Please Note: Even if your pictures are not chosen…it doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy or think your photos are great. We need a select few.

If you upload new pictures to your profile albums and want us to know… please send a private message to us by clicking on the "ncadmin" name, write us a brief message and we will be sure to take a peek! We look forward to seeing your submissions! Viewing of member’s albums will take place during the next week. We have contacted some of you requesting to use your pictures. We will work with you to bring your photo to our needed standard.

Photos must be high resolution.

05-12-2010, 07:43 PM
Been previewing the beta site and I wanted to keep watching it over and over. lol. Looking really good. We are mainly waiting on the choosing of member pictures for the launch. :)

We have decided to use exterior shots only for the new intro. But, keep uploading everything about your coach and travels. We will need new shots and write-ups for the Newell Cafe. It will be seeing its share of changes too.:cool:

Ken W.