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06-18-2010, 03:18 AM
I'm here sitting and pondering some thoughts while looking at all the different members coaches......hmmm.......what was it like when you first met your Newell?

I remember after making the decision to buy my first Newell and only seeing pictures of it and being impressed at the deal I struck over the internet and then driving approximately 1200 miles towing a Harley as part trade to pick it up. When my wife, oldest son and I were first introduced to the coach, I was like really Wowed going over every inch of her. I mean, I had looked at so many makes and models of coaches, from used to new for quite some time and thought I was going to do a bus conversion. Then finding out about the Newell Coach, postponed those other coach thoughts, and Wallah I bought a Newell!

Knowing that most of us that hang around here could have bought a Prevost, Wanderlodge, Barth, or any other make for that matter, and we all settled for Newell's. What does that tell us? We all bought the BEST! :thumbsup:

06-18-2010, 06:10 AM
We bought the first Newell we looked at. We had never even heard of Newell until February of 2008 when I saw our baby on the L.A. Craigslist. It was love at first site for Elaine, my wife. After spending 2 hours going over this coach from bow to stern I fell in love. On March 1st, 2008 we completed the purchase of our '82 Newell. It took every last penny we could scrape together, but we did it. We are even more in love with it 27 months later. The added blessing is the numerous friendships that have evolved out of that purchase. This Newell family is extraordinary!

Newell Tank
06-19-2010, 01:36 AM
My family and I were in awe to say the least when we bought the first Newell Coach. In fact many others who don't even own a Newell are so overwhelmed when they step foot in ours. The addiction created two more owners in our immediate family. So if three family members doesn't tell you something, I don't know what will? My wife says she would rather keep the Newell than the house, especially since we have no more kids to raise.

06-19-2010, 02:11 AM
Easy for me. I talked to,
Those that Know.
Those that think they Know.
and Those that want to Know.
Newell Rally, set budget, locate coach, PAY DA MAN!
Simply we feel safe and
We Love NEWELL!!!

06-19-2010, 05:55 AM
After living in Hawaii for almost 10 years we dreamed of traveling across the country ...jumped in and bought a large fifth-wheel ... we soon figured out we'd rather be driving the house... so I toured most all the Mfg and had decided on a new Country Coach.... pen quivering over the dotted line.. I came to my senses.. the $$$$ collaspe happened... so I was feeling lucky... A year ago come July I was in Camping World... for supplies, talking to a salesman that was whining about things.... off in the back of the lot I saw a lonely looking old...bus (didn't know) I was told it was a Newell.."do You want to look"? sure..I said...I love old things. It looked tired and needy... like a puppy with those sad eyes... I couldn't resist.. made him an very lowball offer...my wife said 'What in the world are you doing"? I drove it home.... it just felt good, like a old shoe... I've brought her back to life... what a pleasure... We've got a couple shakedown trips under the belt... Now for the long one... yep.. it was love after all...:wub:

06-19-2010, 01:23 PM
Well we started 30 years ago with a tent.........then travel trailers, 17'---24'---30' . When our kids became teenagers a motorhome offered more needed room while traveling. After much reading and research I established my basic requirements.....22.5" wheels, air brakes, rear diesel engine, 35-40' long. As I looked at different brands other issues became apparent. A bus conversion was interesting but had some shortcomings. I looked at a couple FC Blue Birds (thus confirming my REAR diesel engine requirement). Any "plastic palace" I looked at had significant short-comings below the surface.
I found our '78 Newell on-line. It was the first Newell I had ever seen. Hmmm, the safety, durability of a bus conversion without the compromises of a bus conversion. It needed a lot of work but it was the kind of repairs that I knew how to do. It was safe, handled well and never let us down on the road (although we did "limp home" a couple times).
The '78 has found a new owner and I am now knee-deep into resurrecting our '93 Newell that I found in a salvage yard........the fun continues!

06-20-2010, 12:00 PM
hi, gaz down under here ,
suzie and i started in a small camper then moved to a larger camper then wanted a motor home the choice in aussie is not real flash so i decided to build a bus conversion,lenghtened a fuso bus to 30ft put in a slide etc soon found out ,no leveling no heating no air con etc so off to the usa to find a suitable rv , over the next few years brought into aussie a 1986 vouge then a 36ft monarco then an elite all these had to be changed to rhd ,still was not happy so started searching the internet which was getting better,needed something 96 inchs wide centre door,under 35000lbs (so i can still have a beer)no tag ,camp sites dont like the grass ripped up ,plus under 40 ft in length the max year we can import is 1988 i wanted through bins ,not much to ask ,the only one is a newell so try and find one from here ,we did find one on ebay at a price we could afford and with the help of the seller shipped it to brisbane australia that was 3 years ago we are now fulltiming with our blue cattle dog called snoweeee ,we left home on may 28th for a 3year trip
and we are loving our newell best regards gaz

06-21-2010, 12:57 AM
Our story is a little different than others. I have owned five motorhomes since 1980. I first looked at a Newell in 1994, but it was just a pipedream at that point. In the late 90s we went to the factory & looked at used coaches but just felt it was more than we needed for how we used our coach at that time. In 2001 we purchased a Country Coach that we owned for 8 years and we drove over 120,000 miles. During the 2000s we went to the factory several times & looked at different coaches that allowed us to know exactly what we wanted in a Newell. As Country Coach went through changes we saw the handwriting on the wall & started looking for "our" Newell. The search took over two years, countless number of coaches and many disappointments. We were looking for a very specifically equipped coach that was somewhat rare for the era of coaches we were looking at. As the coach market tightened & prices dropped we were able to broaden our search to include model years 1998 to 2003. We finally found a 2002 triple slide coach that Suzy really liked(happy wife, happy life). I sold my Country Coach in 5 days & called the owner of the 2002 Newell & he had sold it that day. The only other coach we had seen that we kind of liked was a 1999 that Suzy didn't like because it was green & the interior leather looked orange in the pictures. I convinced her to drive 800 miles to look at the coach in person and if she didn't like it we would walk away. As soon as we opened the door & saw that the leather was brown & not orange we loved it. Suzy also loves the firefrost green on the exterior. Although a long journey to ownership, it was love at first sight! Seeing a Newell in person is the only way as pictures never does them justice.

Hope my experience helps someone else in their decision...........................

06-21-2010, 02:51 AM
Ive always liked the "bus" style coaches. In 2003, I bought an Eagle and realized I was going to want more, so I went to a non slide Prevost. I loved that coach, but there were to many problems, and with 2 kids, I really need slides! So, I went to a Fleetwood Revolution. I figured I would own it for a long time, but started looking at Newells and dreaming! I called Newell, and they said they had sold my coach (#612) that day, but would let me know if something was to fall through. The next morning they called, and said the financing fell through, so I drove up on a Saturday morning and bought it! Best coach Ive ever bought and I will now be a Newell owner for life!