View Full Version : AC Distribution Labeling

06-29-2010, 06:19 PM
Most of the labels are clear, but I've got a couple I'm not sure about. What do you think?

I have two basement air units. The one on the right side of the coach cools the front, the other the rear. I was told at the factory that each unit has two compressors. Would that explain why I have four breakers labeled AC1, AC2, AC3, and AC4? Can I assume AC1 and AC2 are in the same enclosure?

Breaker #9 is called Conv. Any thoughts on what that is?

Breaker #15 says "T - Phantom Suite, Gametable Recp. Disposal"

Any idea what the "T" means. I have two slides - should I assume this breaker feeds receptacles in the living room slide? I'm good on the gametable and disposal.

They seem to have dumbed down the instrumention on this model from what I remember from years ago when I got this bug when I helped a gentleman with his TV configuration. I have only found the four little neon lights to indicate AC is available. There are no voltmeters or ampmeters in this coach. There are however, two CT's on the power feeds to the distribution panel. Who knows what they might be used for. If they are unused I may install ampmeters someday. Thanks, Russ