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12-11-2010, 01:48 PM
In case someone hasn't found this yet. This is a neat video from Santa you can do for your child or grandchild.


12-12-2010, 01:40 AM
Good website Forest. This is a great thread and I want to add to it. Every Christmas I send an email to the staff in my department with links to online Christmas games. What's more fun than playing computer games at work? Here is the list I sent out this year, all play tested by a Newell owner!

Christmas Adventure – Little demented floating elves drop ornaments that you have to catch and put on the tree and balls that you have to put in the box. I haven’t made it past the first level mainly because I am a klutz.

Jump the Gorge – Set the power level and send a poor snowboarder to the target landing spot (or more likely his demise).

Santa Rockstar: Metal Xmas – A guitar hero type game with Christmas songs. The best game here! Use the 1 to 5 keys for the notes. Crank up your speakers, I want to hear you all playing this one!

Snowline – The second most fun game of the bunch, you draw a “snowline” with your mouse that Santa’s sleigh follows allowing him to pick up presents and avoid hazards (like volcanoes). You have to take friction, slope and gravity in consideration when drawing your snowline.

Happy Holidays,