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01-15-2011, 11:47 AM
Arnold Bernard passed away on Jan. 13th at his home in Carencro, LA. Arnold was a Newell owner for more than 25 years and was well known by most of the folks at Newell Coach in Miami, OK. He loved to buy Newells and clean/fix them up and then sell them. He just loved a project.

Arnold was the first person to introduce me to Newells. Dave Prince suggested that I contact Arnold because he lived close to me. I drove over to Arnold's house and within 10 minutes he said, "Let's go for a ride"! After I drove that Newell I was hooked.

I will always be greatful to Arnold for that kind gesture. He was a good friend and I will miss him.

01-15-2011, 12:53 PM
Always sad to lose a friend.
I feel that through owning a Newell I've made quite a few friends.

Richard and Rhonda
01-15-2011, 06:58 PM
I am sad to hear of Arnold's passing.

Arnold sold me the coach we have. It was quite an interesting business deal. One like no other.

He welcomed me to fly down and inspect the coach. It was parked in a garage attached to his house. The garage was equipped with drains, electrical service, an exhaust hookup, and a platform for getting on top ot the coach. He knew what he was doing.

Of course I went through the coach from one end to the other, and he answered all my questions. He then just left me with the coach. For hours. Later in the afternoon, he showed up in the coach with two cold beers. No better way to make a deal. We jawboned just a little over money, but it was good natured. I slept in it that night. His lovely bride fed me gumbo for dinner. He took me back to the airport the next day.

I picked it up a couple of weeks later.

I am sorry to hear that we have lost a member. He was my first clue that I was to make many special friends through the Newell family.