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11-14-2006, 05:41 AM

My name is Clay, and i wanted to introduce myself to you folks
I'm a 'Newell wanta bee'...a 'Newellbee'!!...i guess

I've been looking for a used Newell coach for some time....I actually found some that really suited me...but either the owner still wanted to hang on to their coach for a little while longer....or it would sell, before I could get organized enough to fly out and take a look.

So just for the record....Im still looking!!...and any leads would be greatly appreciated!...Im interested in late 70's to late 80's...

and again...kudos!...to the designer and contributing folks of this site!..
and all that add to the forum......truely, this is an excellent site for Newell coaches
thank you,
Sincerely, Clay G :D

11-14-2006, 02:48 PM
Welcome Clay. You have certainly come to the right place if you are interested in purchasing a Newell. Not only are the forums a great place to get answers to your questions, the Classified section (http://www.newellclassic.com/classifieds/index.php?a=5&b=179) of this site has the largest selection of Newells listed anywhere on the internet. There were 3 additional Newells posted yesterday alone. There are 55 coaches listed of which 9 have already sold! 8 of the available coaches are within the age bracket you are searching.

Additionally, Newell Coach (http://www.newellcoach.com) sells used, as well as new, Newells although they historically don't carry units in the age bracket you are looking for. Newell also has a Tech Talk (http://www.newellcoach.com:591/bboard/FMPro?-DB=BBoard.fp3&-Format=list.htm&-Lay=Form%20View&App=1&-SortField=Date%20Created&-SortOrder=Descend&-SortField=Time%20Created&-SortOrder=Descend&-Max=20&-Find) forum which can provide answers to technical questions.

I have NEVER worked with a better organization than Newell. They build a quality product that stands the test of time, they stand behind their work, they have a staff of long term employees that know the product inside out and they treat owners of older Newells with respect. What more could you ask for.

It says worlds that Newell offers a Technical Forum on their own site and that several key Newell executives monitor this site and provide information where needed.

Due to the colors it can be hard to notice but the Classified, Newell Coach and Tech Talk above are all clickable links.