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Dan B
03-15-2011, 06:20 PM
Hello everyone,

My name is Dan Bush and I joined the group some time ago but haven't posted anything till now. I currently own an American Eagle and would like to move up to a Newell some day. I'm trying to learn as much as I can in the meantime. I'll probably end up with a 1995 to 2001 model coach. I had a few questions about the changes in that model year range.

1.) The 2000 coaches have a new front-end appearance. Were there any significant changes to the chassis or major components? All I see is a face-lift.

2.) Anyone out there with a bath and a 1/2 model? This has become very popular in production RV's. If so, do you like it as much as you thought you would? Can you separate the master suite from the 1/2 bath and the forward part of the coach? That would be nice with overnight guest.

3.) Is there anything you especially like or don't like about your coach in the year range given?

4.) Even though the coaches are custom built, I don't really see that much difference on the inside of the coaches I can find pictures of other than color choices. Am I missing something?

Thanks in advance for all of your help!


03-15-2011, 09:12 PM
Welcome to the group. You will find folks here are very helpful & knowledgeable. I'll try to answer what I can and I'm sure some others will jump in also. '95 to '01 incorporates lots of changes. In '95 there were no slides. I believe slides started showing up in some '96 models. Not sure exactly when, but the straight axle was replaced with IFS on the front.
I moved up to a Newell a year ago from a Country Coach. My coach is a '99 Bath & a half. I shopped '97 to '02 as I was looking for a 2 slide bath & a half. Looking at pictures, Newells have many similarities from year to year. Once you start really looking at coaches hands on you will find that no two Newells are alike. I have never seen one that is equipped like mine. Many things that are not seen in pictures can be different. Not all bath & a half models are the same--there are many variations.
Now I'll try to answer your questions: #1-the 2000 models had a redesigned front end that had improved headlights. That face-lift can be added to prior years for around $18,000. #2-I waited for a bath & a half floorplan that only had three things in the rear bath--shower, vanity & toilet. Some bath & 1/2s will have wardrobes, W/D & shelving in rear bath in addition. I love the floorplan! You can close off the master suite & guests will still have use of the 1/2 bath. #3-I like every thing about my coach & it was worth every penny I paid for it. By far the best coach I have ever owned. #4-I think I already answered this one. Get out & look at them first hand. Go to the factory and walk through every coach they have for sale. You then will appreciate how no two Newells are the same. A day at the factory was my best research tool.

I hope this was helpful.......................

03-15-2011, 10:46 PM
Hi Dan,
Any Newell you purchase, you will be more than happy with. Steve hit most of the points about the differences in the 2000 models that I know of, but a few I could think of, I know in 2001 the tag axel is different than pre 01 coaches. I don't know any specifics, but the wheels are different? Another thing, some in 2000 and for sure in 01' is the Bode air door was introduced. My 02' was ordered without it, so it is a completely custom option but most coaches after 01 are equipped with them. I know in 2000-2001 automatic shades become alot more popular inside the coach.
My coach is the bath and a half model and I wouldnt trade it for anything. I have two kids that travel with us, so it is a perfect layout for a family. We also use our coach for tailgating, and the half bath works perfect for guests. The bedroom can be closed off by an air pocket door, from the front of the coach, but the half bath is still accessible for whomever needs to use it.
In the year model range you specified all of the coaches would have a 60 series, which I really enjoy. The 500hp gets you wherever you need with plenty of power. I tend to drive a little on the fast side..around 76-78mph and average about 6 mpg. I know if I drove 60mph I would get alot better fuel economy. Newell does an excellent job though chroming out the 60 series and making it look like new.
You mentioned that you could not see much difference other than colors in coaches. A good example, is my neighbor owns coach #621, and the two are nothing alike. Even though they are only 9 coaches apart, they are completely different. All of our electronics are different, switches are in different places, and even the slides are in different places. There are somethings that Newell does use on all coaches, but sometimes it even comes down to the instrument cluster!
Steve also mentioned about going to the factory. I couldn't agree more with him. You will soon learn, that no two coaches are alike, and they are 100% custom.

Looking for a Newell is the most exciting part! Take your time and the right one will come along.

Richard and Rhonda
03-15-2011, 11:39 PM

Loose these Newell notions. They are horrible, they ride really bad, they are hard to drive, they don't hold up well with time, the owners are snooty, the company treats you like mud, they will fly apart like matchsticks if you happen to roll it, the frames are made from recycled pop tops, the engine usually won't pull a shoelace untied, and much more that I can't repeat on the internet.

Seriously, Newell uses sound engineering practices and elegant design to build the coaches. The reason that you don't see significant change year over year is that they tend to stick with structural designs that are proven to work. If you have moderate mechanical and electrical skills you will find them delights to maintain.

You already have gotten some very good input. I would add to that to look at two other features, the couch and the dinette. We have the double couch and a dinette that makes into a sleeper. It really came in handy for both of the teenagers to bring guests. Now that it's mostly the two of us, both have a couch to pass out on while watching TV.

You will find the center door very friendly to dividing the coach into two sections. The front sleepers don't have to get up to allow the rear sleepers to exit the coach for early morning coffee.

There are some excellent bargains out there on quality pieces. We would love to have you join us.

03-15-2011, 11:44 PM
Hi Dan,

I had the checkbook out when I backed out of purchasing an American Eagle. I have frineds with one and I really liked the salon layout they had. No regrets, however as I now have a 99 Newell - #530. Most of your questions have been answered. I actually have one of the coaches that received the front cap upgrade. The headlights look good, but don't particularly impress me with their road covereage. Not a biggie as I avoid night driving as much as possible. What was for me really nice with the upgrade - done in 2004 I think - was the all new electronics and enclosure upfront that now contains a 42" plasma TV, huge surround sound amp/receiver, modern GPS navigation, etc. With the addition of a new rooftop antenna I am HD on most channels I watch. The installtion was super well engineered with the TV surround and the TV itself folding up against the ceiling for wonderful access to the area behind. That area has thermostats and cooling fans that keeps everything happy. The coach also received a full body repaint in the colors and graphics common at that time.
I simply love the bath and a half. Right now I have my daughter and her girlfriend sharing the coach with me. They have the back, and I moved some of my stuff up to a small closet and except for the need to shower, I am self contained up front. The shower itself is especially nice as the floor is sunken below the bathroom tile and as you step down to get it you have loads of headroom and the shower actually is above my head, just like it should be. The two slides give me the extra room I need for fulltiming and having occasional guests with plenty of room for everyone to stretch out and talk or watch a movie.
My fuel economy is very good as I just poke along in the slow lane.
The flat floor slide in the salon and lots of headroom under the slide are very welcome changes from my former coach.
There are some pictures in the gallery if you want to take a look.
Good luck and have fun at the factory.

Dan B
03-22-2011, 03:42 PM
Hey guys,

Thanks for all of your input,it was the kind of info I was looking for!



Dan B
03-23-2011, 01:20 AM

Do you have any pictures of your coach on the web site? I would be interested to see the rear bath. The ones I've seen have the wardrobes in the back too.



03-23-2011, 11:23 AM
Click on "rheavn" at the top of this posting and it will give you options. Highlight "view public profile". Look on the right of the profile page. Go to the albums section and open "coach #531 interior". The last three photos are a glimpse of the rear bath. I say a glimpse because I don't own a camera that will take good photos in tight areas. Pictures of the rest of the interior are fairly representative. I'll give you a description of the rear bath as the photos are not very good. From the bedroom is the doorway in the middle of the coach which can be closed off by an air operated pocket door. Once in the bath the air operated toilet is just inside the doorway on the right side of coach. Going back on the right side is the extended shower. I have only personally seen three coaches with the extended shower. Look closely at the shower photos & you'll see a full width seat. Makes the shower much larger. When you enter the rear bath, to the left side of the coach is a 6 drawer vanity. On the rear wall is a door leading to a wardrobe closet. On most rear bath coaches this rear wardrobe closet goes the width of the rear of the coach. On mine the extended shower takes away about a 1/3 of my rear wardrobe. Every thing in a motor coach is a trade off and we are very happy to give up some wardrobe space for the extended shower.
A few little things that you won't pick up in pictures is that coaches with a rear bath have a slightly smaller rear slide than most of the coaches with the walk through bath in the coach center and the rear walk in closet. The bedroom slide is also placed more forward in the coach to give room for the rear bath.
I just got back from a factory visit in Miami, OK. I walked through every coach they had on the sales line(about 12-15 coaches) without noting the coach year. Just looking at interiors. When you walk in a Newell every coach has a different feel. Only you will know if it is the feel you want. I prefer a coach with a curved entry to the front of the coach as this gives the coach more kitchen counter space. But I saw straight in entries, curved forward entries and curved rearward entries. I saw about any type of flooring that is available, many different window treatments and totally different ceiling treatments. I saw 2 slide, 3 slide and 4 slide coaches. I saw many different types of front entertainment centers. I saw every floorplan including several rear baths. I even saw an extended shower, but it was done slightly differently than mine. I will say that there were no two coaches the same and few even had similarities.
I hope this is helpful in your search. The search for a Newell was fun for me and took me over two years to find the one I wanted. I have only found one thing more fun than the search-----------and that is owning a Newell.

Good luck.................

Dan B
03-24-2011, 03:10 AM
Ok Steve, I see the pictures. I REALLY like the woodgrain in your coach. I haven't seen any others of your vintage that have any woodgrain. I can see the extended shower, that's a first too! Thanks a lot!