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05-25-2011, 05:29 AM
HI! We're Bob and Carol, fulltimers from Texas presently owning a 45 ft. Travel Supreme coach. When it's time to upgrade the Newell seems to have great appeal because of technologies and innovations in earlier models vs "plastic" coaches of newer model years.:thumbsup:

I'm not interested in an older model coach which we'd have to renovate, rather, give me a late model coach ready to go....too old and too many places to see before we have to hang up the keys:laugh:. I have concerns over the extremely high vehicle weights of a Newell and wonder how others address this apparent shortcoming. I read of Newell recommending new front tires after only 3 years! WOW! Overload problems shortening tire life? How do owners avoid being overweight if forced to weigh-in along the highway?

Also, these late model (2005-2009) babies seem to be pretty difficult to find, so where does one go to search for one? I plan a trip to Miami to view their offerings, but where else? Thanks for any help.

05-25-2011, 01:46 PM
Welcome Bob and Carol! I know that you would be pleased with a Newell. They are built solid. Your concern about the weight, I know in late 2008 coaches they upgraded the front tires to 365 and also the tag axel. That continues to be standard today. For pre 08 coaches, they can be retro-fit with the 365. They increase the crusing speed from 65-75, and run much cooler. You also adressed going through a weigh station; I have had a motorhome for 8 years and never been stopped..often times when I'm pulling my trailer I think I will get stopped but never have. However I do not know other states laws regarding weigh stations. I would defiantly start looking direct at Newell. Coaches that are within 8 years of the current production model come with a 2 year warranty. They are very friendly folks up there and are always helpful. If you do not see anything there, I often times see several on rvonline.com
Enjoy looking! That is the funniest part.
Welcome to the forum.

05-25-2011, 02:12 PM
Welcome Bob & Carol,
Always nice to have new forum members and I believe you'll find this forum to be useful & informative. As an owner of several "plastic" coaches and now a Newell I will tell you that a Newell is quite an upgrade. We liked our Country Coach, but our Newell is just wonderful. Having 24/7 support is worth every penny we paid for it.

Ours is a '99 so I can't give you first hand information on the '05-'09s specifically. We bought ours and it was "turn key" and ready to go. Weight is a concern in any motor coach & I've always had them weighed in ready to go condition. I would not buy a coach that was over weight chassis wise or tire capacity wise. Weigh it before you buy. In speaking with Newell on the 3 year tire replacement it is my opinion they are "playing on the safe side". My Newell is no closer to maximum tire capacity on the front axle than my Country Coach was. When considering motorhome costs replacing the front tires at 3 years is pretty cheap insurance. As one who had a front end blow out on our Country Coach, do what you can to avoid it. Also I believe you will find most of the later model Newells now have the 365 front tires that Newell recommends running lower pressures and replacing every 5 years. As one who runs down these highways to the tune of about 20,000 miles a year I will say front tire replacement every three years is not excessive--there are a lot of pot holes to miss!

Finding "your Newell" will probably be your biggest challenge. It took me over 2 years to find "my Newell". We knew what we wanted and were patient. By far a trip to the factory in Oklahoma was my best research tool. If you can get your hands on a build list for a late model coach it is useful in seeing what the different options available were when a coach was built & figuring out what options you want on "your Newell". You must remember that the options are not limited to what is on a build sheet as Newells are custom built. You will find similar Newells, but no two Newells are the same. I have never seen one like mine. The coach classifieds on this site & Newells site were helpful. The other places I used to find a Newell was Ebay, RVonline.com, RVsearch.com and Google.

I hope this info will be useful & good luck in your search......................

06-26-2011, 04:28 PM
We found our 2003 Newell on E-Bay from Auto Boss in Mesa, Arizona. Two slides and 65k miles. Great condition with a few needs and changes. I have great things to say about them. Call and talk with Andrew. We visited Newell and although they had a selection of newer coaches we ended up flying to Arizona for a very special one owner coach. The support from Newell service so far has been good and we look forward to heading back there in the future to have some upgrades done. We have owned four glass coaches and there is no comparison. The quality of the Newell build is like no other. We had wanted one for 10 years and are overjoyed with our purchase. Our coach is # 646 and you will find that every one is uniques and built to last for a long time. Good luck with your search and feel free to contact us for any tips as we spent a long time searching for this coach.
Larry & Hedy Brachfeld
2003, 2 slide #646
Palm Beach, Florida

06-26-2011, 08:16 PM
Welcome to NewellClassic.com Bob and Carol! Hope you become an owner and join the Newell Family. You have had some great current owner responses thus far. Anywhere we can all help, just keep asking.

Like others have mentioned, there are many places to find potential Newell's. I believe now is a great time to take advantage of a luxury coach like a Newell and get a nice deal depending on your needs. www.NewellCoach.com has a few to choose from as with our free classifieds, we have over 40 current listings. Click on this link: http://www.newellclassic.com/classifieds

Ken W.