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11-23-2006, 01:28 AM
«?» Now Now, Who said that 'Valid Glide Outs' weren't that great ?
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«~» Deduction ; Must be people that haven't got 'Valid Slides,' you know the huuuuge'
ones, the ones with flat-floors ! Ohhh ! . . Jealousy won't get' them no where !

«~» Newell Coach has been the first to adopt Valid Engineering glide out rooms and
still the only one offering that kind of square footage including an indisputable bonus,
slides can be flat floors. 'No Imitation here,' nothing or similar on the market, that's
what I call 'A Genuine Chunk of Real Estate,' a 'Mobile Mansion.' 'Yep !' That's what it
is, a 'Mobile Mansion.'

«~» Valid Manufacturing has developed an extensive-size trailer : 'The Solaris.'
–»»The 'Solaris Expandable Trailer'««– (http://www.validmanufacturing.com/solaris/) is an 'Expandable Trailer' combining Upward
& Side Extensions.

«~» Dependability for their slides and exceptional fit, as seen on Newell Coaches,
Valid Engineering manufactured this remarkable extreme trailer. It's not the kind of
stacker you would stuff toys in and pull behind a Newell.

«~» The 'Solaris Expandable Trailer' has been converted by 'Anderson Mobile Estates'
and presently this 'Tractor-Trailer' seems to be own by 'Robert De Niro.' We're talking
of a $2 million rig. –»»Anderson Mobile Estates««– (http://andersonmobileestates.com/photos_skybox.html)
Take a look at the 'Sky Box' Video.

«?» At Present, does anyone know who converts Anderson's trailers ?
If I remember well Anderson first trailers where converted by 'American Coach Inc.'
and since a year or so, American cease their operations. Does anyone know who is
converting Anderson's trailers ?
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