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07-30-2011, 04:27 AM
My anme is Les and my wife Cheryl Korcala we just in the process getting 2001 Newell ( 2 slides ) coach ,we curently own Phoenix Cruiser 26' B+ coch . Year ago we made plan on fulltiming for 3-5 years!
So , thsi year we are selling our home in North Bend WA. and hitting the road for few yaers ! we have reatirment home in Montana small town of Florence just autsite of Missoula, hopfully it will be our home to get back from the road and recharge!

Now we have huge road trip to Georgia ahead of us to pick up our coach! than we heading up to S dakota for some dog show events ( I am dog photographer ) www.dogactionfotos.com (http://www.dogactionfotos.com)
Our main iterest is in fly fishing, cycling, hiking, wine testing, we have two dogs Rhodesian Ridgeback ( african lion hounds ) so we also do agility and lure coursing with them!

We hope we learn lot of great tips on thsi forum and find new friends.

Thank you!

Les & Cheryl Korcala
Bash & Mkala Rhodesian Ridgebacks
2001 Newell #582
Land Rover LR3
Co -Motion Robusta custom tandem
To many road & mtbikes to name !

07-30-2011, 04:42 PM
Les & Cheryl,
Welcome to the forum. 2001 2 slide Newells are beautiful units! We have had our 2 slide Newell for a year & a half & are still thrilled. We have found this forum to be invaluable in two ways. It is my #1 source of information on using & maintaining the coach. It is also a great source of meeting some wonderful & talented people who are always willing to give you whatever help they can. Hopefully you will use the forum to your benefit. Also when you get your coach post some pictures as it "puts a face" on your coach. We live in the Branson, Missouri area. If you get in our area make sure you contact us. You should be thrilled with your new coach, good luck and safe travels.

Richard and Rhonda
07-31-2011, 01:09 AM
Welcome aboard.

Small world. You will find the Hockwalds also cycling enthusiasts. Watch out for Clarke, he'll spank you on the road.

We have finds that breed and course Rhodesians. Those dogs live better than most people.

You're bound to have a jillion questions after you pick up your coach.

We would love to hear about your thought process on choosing a Newell.

07-31-2011, 03:44 AM
Ha, ha ! you two have Co Motion tandem that is great ! we use to raced with my wife single bikes ( World championships, Nationals levels etc ) now after 4 years and new dogs we just slowed down and do lot of tandem riding! we have done amazing Northwest tandem rally , anual event ( every year in diferent state ) its lot of fun1 3 days and about 350-400 tandems from all over US and Canada, we met lot of great people and also few full timers.
Yes, our ridgeback eat better then we do, ha, ha! they are our kids!

Misouri is very nice , I have gone fishing is some river there yaers ago, love the rooling terain and mountains!