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08-30-2011, 10:59 PM
I can't tell you how happy I am to have found this site!

We live in South Orange County and are looking for our (used) dream coach. After doing tons of research on Country Coach and getting very close on a couple of Magna Rembrants (2006 ~ 2007), but kept running into issues.

Walked into a 2008 Newell and :thumbsup:. We really want big windows to see the view, and the one we saw were spectacularly big. The bath and 1/2 is functional without gobbling too much space. We're tall, so a king size bed is a must, but love the "elevated" section that allows you to get around it, even with the slides in. The interior was just jaw dropping ~ beautiful, but still very comfortable (and not the blah beige everything we kept seeing on other coaches)

We have two teen age kids, and I want to show them all the beauty of the U.S. that I got to enjoy as a kid (in the far back of a station wagon - no seat belts/the horrors!). But this coach has to be as enjoyable on the road as it is in a "camp site." We also plan on having it for 10 years, so good engineering is very important (and I've been very impressed so far).

The plan it to use this all four seasons, so insulation is critical (Tucson summers to Sierra Nevada Mtn winters), but we also aren't heavy "A/C" users -- if it's nice out, we much prefer to have natural ventillation and "smell the pines." I figure we'll have 3 ~ 5 years of traveling part time/vacations with the family...and then my wife and I may eventually become almost full-timers sometime after that.

One thing I've been sort of stuck on is having the galley on the driver's side with dinette on curb side, as the view is typically on the curb side. The particular coach I've been looking at is flipped, which is a bummer as our experience the "view" is curbside and most kitchens have small windows (better to view the rig next to you if on driver's side!). I would be curious if that's really beneficial "in real life" as we're brand new to the RV side.

I would love comments from those of you with and without TV's on a lift. It struck me as a perfect solution ~ enjoy the view, but when you don't want to, raise the TV. But I heard it's not a good idea to use while on the road...which would be a challenge. Is a fixed position TV better than one on a lift?

Lastly, would love to hear from those of you with the "new" flushmounted windows that have openings (as opposed to being completely sealed), do you get some nice cross ventilation or mainly have to rely on HVAC?

We look forward to any and all responses!



08-30-2011, 11:55 PM
Welcome to the site. You will find this site a great source of information & knowledgeable folks who are willing to help.
I have owned my Newell for a year & a half after owning a Country Coach for 8 years. My Country Coach had the kitchen slide on the driver's side and the dinette on the passenger side. I too preferred this floorplan at that time. When buying used one will have some things they will have to settle on. We bought a bath & 1/2 floorplan with the dinette on the driver's side. Having the dinette on the driver's side has become a non issue as we have lived with the coach. Not sure we would have it the other way now. The wife likes the side entry that allows her to go right into the kitchen, on granite, and not have to walk over carpet.
Newell does make a bath & 1/2 with the kitchen on the driver's side. Go to Newell's web site & look under new coaches-floorplans-F3 model. Not sure how many have been built, but they will show up used.
No experience with the drop down tvs. My coach does not have the flush mounted windows. They do make a coach look very sleek.
Good luck in your search. The only thing better than looking for "your Newell" is owning one!

08-31-2011, 12:02 AM
Hi Mark, and welcome to our forum! You have, obviously, given the purchase of a motor coach a lot of thought. In the overall scheme of things which side the dinette is on will become a minor issue once you start traveling. I am sitting here at my computer at the dinette in my 1982 coach looking out the dinette window on the "curbside", and it is a nice view, but, frankly, if I want to really enjoy the view, I step outside, pull up my recliner and enjoy the whole view without the window frame defining the extent of my view.

Many of us have found that, to some extent, the reasons we chose our coaches in the beginning, are different from the reasons we love our coaches after a few years of use. With use you will find a dozen new reasons why your coach was the right choice for you and your family.

Your other question will have to be answered by those who have their TV's on lifts. I always liked the idea of lowering the TV's out of sight when not in use, and being able to use the surface that covers the hidden TV for another purpose.

As Wally says often, "that's my 2 cents, and I'm sticking to it"

08-31-2011, 02:20 AM
Mark, Welcome to the Newell Talk Forum and website. I'm sure you will feel at home around here as we will roll out the red carpet for you! Thanks for joining and cheers to your new Newell lifestyle!:thumbup:


09-04-2011, 06:01 PM
It appears that the F-3 floorplan which is a bath & 1/2 with the kitchen on the driver's side is a popular floorplan. On the Newell web site there are five of them for sale, but four have already sold. If any one is interested in seeing this floorplan check out coaches # 1291, 1288, 1287, 815 &797.