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12-03-2006, 09:32 PM
Bringing 'Newell~Stuff' Aboard ~ Part 2 ~ Good Stuff that' is, Good Stuff
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
? The other day 'My Crystal Ball' raised a question and it wasn't mine to answer.

~ Re : 'Tech Talk Message Board'
The question :
? "Why is the 'Board' not part of the Forum ?"
~ It could be incorporated on the Forum Index page joining : 'General Information' ~
'Technical Exchange' ~ 'Newell Ownership' and the fourth 'Newell Coach's Tech Talk'

~ 'Tech Talk' Would operate in the same manner as it is doing right now. i.e. ~ the
questions or comment(s) are sent to the 'TechTalk Staff' and shown (made public)
when the 'Tech Talk Analyst' is prepared to post (illustrated with the 'Newell Classic
Forum Format, a way better, enhanced and improved Format)

~ As many people would visit the 'Newell's Website' and more people would
patronize 'Newell Classic'

? Even if it's not directly link to 'Newell's Website' after all . . .
. . . wouldn't-it be the appropriate place to share questions, comments & answers ?
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
May God Bless