View Full Version : conduit to front of coach

11-24-2011, 09:17 PM
hi all,

with my vintage of coach have any of you run new 110v lines from the inverter in the mid bay to the front of the coach? if so, is there conduits for it?

for some reason, newell has the 110v compressor, front tv/AV gear and 1/2 bath on the same 20amp circuit. i want to run a dedicated circuit for the compressor. mike at newell thought for sure they would have run home runs for the compressor and AV gear but they are not. i pulled the cover off of the inverter subpanel and looked.

so i would like to run a 20amp line from the inverter to the compressor in the genny blower bay (in front of the passenger steer wheel).

my other newell i know every chase and nook and cranny, but not yet on this one.