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03-25-2012, 04:19 PM
Darlene and I have become dear friends with Jim and Gail Ellis from Canada. They come to AZ to spend some time in the winter and I think this is the 3rd year we have spent time with them besides keeping in touch during the year. They full time in their absolutely beautiful 87 classic. it is truely a comfortable and homey home. we had dinner with them last nite at their place and it was so good and the company delightful. they are just finishing up an year long adventure to the 4 corners of the USA and canada and as those of you that have done it they have some stories to tell.

for those of you with a memory, Jim and Gail were the couple that their friends thought they had been lost or something happened to them a couple of years ago so FMCA put out an alert to all members to be on the lookout for them. Well that worked....they were not lost but rather staying at a state campground in the south somewhere. i remember thinking the alert was goofy becasue i had just seen him as "green" on google chat....ah technology.

the improvements jim has made on this coach are stunning. i hope at this public nudging that he puts some pictures of them up. he custom designed and had built an entertainment center across from the couch that has a TV lift, built in seating, stereo system, storage and on and on that is amazing. his replumb of his wet bay looks like newell did it yesterday with stainless floor and new plumbing and valves and manifold etc. very very nice. and his retro led marker lights are to die for. jim is a gearhead and master make it fix it guy.

they are leaving to head slowly back to canada today and we will miss them.

as we visited sitting outside in the starry beautiful night overlooking the east valley from Usery pass campground, it was another testament to darlene and i that we got much much more than a coach when we bought our newell. way more.

thanks jim and gail.


Dan B
10-18-2012, 05:45 PM
Love to see some pic's! nudge nudge

10-18-2012, 06:08 PM
Dan, below you will find a link to the story referred to above. I have heard this is one clean 1987. I would like to see pictures of its interior details as well.

FMCA helps locate "missing" motorhomers (http://www.fmca.com/join-family-motor-coach-association/stories/720-fmca-finds-missing-motorhomers.html)

Here are a couple of exterior shots of the Ellis's '87