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01-20-2007, 02:51 AM
Still looking for our next rig...and may be taking the time to look at two but wanted to get any insight from all you before we went to look. One is relatively local, the other a long trip.

First, what were the differences between the 1986 and 1987 models? Both ones I am interested in are 38ft with the 8V92...both appear to be in very good shape with similar floor plans. I have looked at rigs before, so I know the standard things like rust, corrosion, non-working items, leaks etc...but best I can tell, from appearance, the biggest change was from slanted windows in the 1986 to square ones in the 1987. Any other I am missing?

Second, how difficult is it to get work done on the older DD? Are parts readily available? Do you for see a problem with securing parts in the near future (like the 555)? Based on my reading...I assume 5-6mpg, but plenty of umph for the 38ft'ers.

Third - what are the CCC of the classics? Particularly the mid-1980s since that is what I am probably able to afford. I know all coaches will weight different, but as I have discovered in Bluebirds, many of the rigs are actually within a few thousand pounds of being at max GVRW and in some, overloading the front axle is an issue.

Any insight - I would greatly appreciate it....

01-20-2007, 05:51 AM
It appears you are correct about the slanted vs straight windows. The 8V92 is a very good engine, assuming it has been maintained and hasn't been allowed to run hot. Parts are still available and the Detroit Diesel service locations seem to be able to work on them with no problem. As with any engine that has been out of production for over 10 years, I am certain that parts will at some point get to be more difficult to find but there are a LOT of 8V92's running up and down the highways in motorhomes and trucks and many still pushing boats through the water.

The 8V92 provides significant power for a 38' motorhome. Fuel economy differs with driving habits but you should be able to get 6+ mph out of an 8V92 in a 38'. I average 6 mpg in my 43.5' and I tend to drive near 70 on the interstates where it is legal and I run the generator most of the time during the warmer months.

Not sure what the carrying capacity would be on a single rear axle Newell of that vintage. Hopefully an owner of a Newell of similar vintage and size will chime in. Those with tag axles (typically 40+') had relatively high carrying capacities. There is so much customization in Newells that it is difficult to make any blanket statements regarding weight distribution front to rear. Generally pre-slide-out Newells had spare capacity on the front axle. By the early 1990's the front axle carrying weight was tire limited rather than axle or brake limited.

01-20-2007, 03:22 PM
Thanks for the reply. That is really good news about the 6+ mpg....if that is what they have realized...thats good news. I do understand about the blanket weight statements...but still hoping someone will chime in with generalities.