View Full Version : My Link 2000 Shows a Build up of Negative Amp Hours

Harold Olsen
02-22-2001, 08:23 AM
My Link2000 shows a build up of negitive amp hrs when pluged in to proper (30 or 50 amp) supply. It also does "go to Float" after a reasonable time then continues to build neg. hrs. Why?

John Clark
03-03-2001, 03:26 PM
Hi Harold:

I tried to answer your first question not realizing you had two differing situations. The Link 2000 owners manual (1994-97) may answer your questions; page 16 and page 19-20.

If not, you can call Xantrex (they are a Canadian based conglomerate that bought out Heart Interface & Trace Engineering) at 800 446 6180. You may have to play a little phone tag, if you don't like to be put on hold, but they have been pretty good to me on their technical support. Good luck!

John Clark

03-03-2001, 03:38 PM
The buildup of "negative hours" on the Link was a pesky little anomaly to solve and took about a year before we uncovered the culprit. But the answer and solution turned out to be simple. In order for the Link to correctly register positive and negative current flow, ALL current must flow through the shunt located on the ground cable between the engine batteries and the frame mounted grounding stud. If you check the ground cable from your starter, you will probably find that it is connected directly to the grounding stud. This allows current to by-pass the shunt and not get "counted." Move the starter ground to the stud on the battery side of the shunt, zero out the Link, and your Link will read correctly. This situation has no effect on proper charging performance, but simply causes the Link to improperly score the game.