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«~» Note : Perhaps this next article, about Newell Coach, resembles those of other magazine,
by reading these articles, one finds that each and everyone has its own special flavor.
«~» I think that these articles are worthy to be posted so to reveal and expose the extensive
positive media coverage regarding the world’s most luxurious coach. For certain, this coverage
is not a bad thing for Newell Coach, Newell Coach Owners and Future Owners, this attention
stimulates, is refreshing and isn't rude.
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«~» Recently, I read a newspaper article that portrayed a certain bus converter and the
article in question is posted on their own website.
«~» For I, the article brings shame on RVers that do not have a million dollars plus luxury
coach and stay in 'KOA parks.'
«~» How can a high-end bus converter let these kind of remarks be published (in the article
they are more than rude) ? It's disgusting and shocking !
«~» So this is why I'm posting these great articles, they're about the Newell Coach, Newell
Coach Corporation, they don't tarnish, nor degrade RVers and these articles aren't rude.
Thanks, KC
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In 1967, L.K. Newell purchased the motorhome division of the Streamline Trailer Company
and the Newell Coach Corporation was born. Since then the company, located in Northwest
Oklahoma, has been producing what they call the “world’s finest motor coach” for almost 40
years. Since the beginning, Newell has been a leader in coach innovation. They were the first
in the industry to offer a rear engine motorhome and the first to use diesel power. Today
Newell produces about 40 of the world’s most luxurious, powerful and expensive coaches
every year. While Newell does have a selection of pre-engineered floorplans, and they
generally have some coaches under construction that are not customer coaches, most of
Newell’s coaches are custom built. To deliver the ultimate in luxury, clients work with the
Newell design and engineering departments to design the coach of their dreams. Newell then
spends three-to-four months fulfilling those dreams.

Unlike other high end coaches, a Newell coach is not built off a commercial bus chassis. The
RV maker custom builds the chassis they use, which Newell calls a bridge-construction chassis.
This chassis design maximizes under floor storage and gives Newell the most living space of
any coach.

Powering this chassis is a Caterpillar C15 diesel engine producing an unbelievable 625 hp and
2,050 lb.-ft. of torque. Newell provides the big Cat with a 207 gallon diesel tank. The Cat C15
comes standard with an engine compression brake and sends its power through a ZF Tronic
10-speed transmission on its way to a ZF wide-base drive axle suspended on four air bags.
Rounding out the suspension is a ZF independent, double wishbone, front suspension with two
air bags and a ZF active steer tag axle, also with two air bags. The steerable tag axle gives the
Newell an impressive turning radius despite its 45- foot length. The eight air bags are
controlled by a computerized, air leveling system. Braking is provided by air disc brakes with
ABS on all axles. Traction control is also standard, and a Smart Tire pressure warning system
monitors all eight tires.

The driver is kept up-to-date by a Silverleaf Digital Dash and a Silverleaf vehicle monitoring
system, while a Pioneer GPS navigation system and an Eaton Vorad Collision Detection system
keep the driver safely on course. The driver is also comforted by a deluxe orthopedic power
operated chair with air ride. The co-pilot receives a power operated recliner chair and both
driver and passenger have individual heat and air controls.

The body of the Newell is truly a work of art. They start with aircraft-style aluminum structure
and skin. Then they cap each end with reinforced fiberglass. The spectacular design of the
Newell’s front section was first imagined by the Porsche design studio. After the body is
assembled, it receives a custom paint job. Topping off the exterior is a full length, raised
roofline with a power, roof-mounted patio awning and power window awnings.

Newell offers up to four slide outs as long as 16 feet. They have aircraft-style air-inflatable
seals, featuring flush body openings without flanges that glide on a low friction precision linear
bearing support system. The slides are push button controlled and are available with flush
floors, both extended and retracted. Under the coach resides a generous amount of heated
storage bays, some of which are equipped with sliding storage beds. Bay options also include
an outdoor entertainment center and a slide-out electric grill.

When it comes time to enter the Newell access is granted via a keyless entry system with
electric central locking on all bay doors. Once unlocked, the entry door opens with the touch of
a button as the stairs extend, all powered by air. After climbing the elegant marble or granite
stairs, guests are greeted by premium plush pile carpet with a modern multicolor design. Both
the galley and bath flooring are available in either heated marble or granite. Working up from
the floor reveals flush Euro-style cabinetry with concealed hinges, suspension glides and
automatic positive latches. The cabinetry is finished in either high-pressure laminate or ultra-
genuine wood veneer. Both provide a gorgeous finish to the unbelievably beautiful cabinetry.
Topping off the cabinets are the standard premium solid surface countertops. Of course, either
marble or granite countertops are available. The crown of the interior is a sculptured ceiling of
mirrors, fabrics and lights. The entire interior is covered in your choice of some of the highest-
grade custom materials. The Newell staff works with the client to design an interior that
reflects the client’s preferences and tastes. The bedroom and bathroom are separated by
powered pocket doors.

Entertainment in the front salon, as Newell calls it, is provided by a 42-inch HDTV plasma
display and a Bose Lifestyle Home Theater. All this is fed by a KVH TracVision Satellite system
with an HDTV receiver with DVR and a Zenith VCR/DVD combo. There is also an HDTV receiver
and VCR/DVD for the rear salon’s 32-inch LCD display. Communication options include both
satellite and internet telephone.

Air conditioning for the coach is provided by four roof-mounted ducted units. Heating is
provided in a multitude of ways: by an Aqua-Hot hydronic heating system powered by diesel,
from the engine itself, 120-volt electric power or a Newell exclusive 240-volt power. Electricity
is provided by a PowerTech generator or the six large Lifeline batteries and inverter system.
An electric shore power cord reel is included for times when shore power is available. A
SubZero 700 cabinet, flush mounted refrigerator/freezer is central in the galley, along with a
GE Advantium microwave/ halogen oven and a Gaggenau electric cook top. And for the wine
connoisseur, a dedicated wine fridge is optional. Other galley options include a Fisher & Paykel
dishwasher, garbage disposal and a built in coffee pot. Of course being a custom coach,
almost anything is available.

Most of the Newell floor plans feature a rear bathroom and closet arrangement. This provides
a spacious bath and changing area and doesn’t require guests to travel through the bath to
get from the bedroom to the living area. Again, the bathroom is beautiful, the centerpiece
being the gorgeous glass sink rising out of the marble countertop. A stacker washer and dryer
is included for longer trips. In order to keep up with the water demands, Newell provides 142
gallons of fresh water with a matching 142 gallons of holding capacity. Don’t worry about
dumping those 142 gallons, this coach comes with a power retracting holding tank drain hose
and a remote operated electric valve.

The rear salon, or bedroom to the rest of us, is just as luxurious as the rest of the coach.
Following the custom-built theme, options in this area are virtually limitless. One popular
option is a power Murphy bed that folds up into the wall, allowing the rear salon to be used as
a second living area with couch opposite the bed, or as an office with a desk opposite the bed.
The newest option in the rear salon is a home theater. In this configuration, once the Murphy
bed folds up, a 78-inch screen and a projector lower from the ceiling. Opposite the screen is a
pair of home theater lounge chairs, and a state of the art surround sound system is included.
This system is so new that the first coach was completed just in time for the November Nextel
Cup race at Texas Motor Speedway. Among the three placing early orders for Newell’s new
rear salon theater system was NASCAR’s newest star, Juan Pablo Montoya, who recently left
Formula One to join the Nextel series.

For most of us, looking at a Newell is just a walk through a dream world we cannot afford to
enter. But for those who can part with $1.2 million for an RV, Newell will build whatever your
heart desires. For the rest of us, most used Newells are sold back through Newell. They go
through an extensive check up where Newell refurbishes and updates these older coaches to
make them like new again. In this way, Newell does offer the rest of us an entry-level coach.
May God Bless
Source :
RV Xtreme magazine, March, 2007
By Jonathan Blevins