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05-22-2007, 03:13 AM
Panasonic High Performance Navigation & Entertainment System
On the cutting edge
~ 'Panasonic Strada CN-NVD905U'
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«~» Panasonic announced the availability of its first mobile navigation system for the U.S.
market. Panasonic proclaims its new Strada CN-NVD905U Double-Din HDD navigation system
with DVD/receiver and touch panel LCD as the smart and sophisticated way to take drivers
where they need to go.
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«~» The CN-NVD905U boasts a built-in 30 GB Hard Disc Drive for extra large storage capacity
and a processing speed faster than that of a DVD ;
«~» Its integrated 7-inch (diagonal) touch panel LCD screen features an easy-to-use Graphic
User Interface (GUI) and offers a customized destination menu ;
«~» The pre-loaded NAVTEQ mapping software provides map data for the United States, Canada
and Puerto Rico, plus detailed maps of 39 U.S. cities ;
«~» Users can quickly and easily upgrade the software using future DVD map database updates ;
«~» It can be used to play a variety of digital audio formats as well as DVD video ;
«~» Another benefit of this cutting edge navigation receiver is its option to display real time
traffic information from Sirius Traffic.
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«~» 'Info' and Watch the 'Strada Video' «CLICK HERE» (http://www.panasonic.com/consumer_electronics/mobile_electronics/strada-car-navigation.asp)
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