View Full Version : On your way to Vegas! Sights to see outside of Barstow, CA

The Newell
09-06-2012, 09:17 PM
If your traveling through California here are some great sights to see on the way to Vegas! If you know of any extras please feel free to post them below.

Afton Canyon - Considered the "Grand Canyon of the Mojave," the Mojave River surfaces here after flowing 50 miles underground. Afton Canyon, an excellent area for hiking and photography, is located 36 miles northeast of Barstow.

Black Canyon & Inscription Canyon - The canyons are the largest Native American rock art galleries accessible to the public. About 31 miles northwest of Barstow, visitors can view petroglyphs from the road or on foot.

Calico Early Man Archaeological Site - The Calico Early Man Site is one of the most important archaeological sites in North America, providing a unique in place museum of Pleistocene archaeology and geology. It consists of two master pits, where most of the findings were made. The site is about 20 miles northeast of Barstow.