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01-15-2006, 10:52 PM
Hi and thanks for this great site! We are Rosetta & Jim Arriola from Granbury, TX. I will be doing most of the posting. We've had our 1996 Newell almost two years and absolutely love it and the new lifestyle we've found in our travels! We've met some of the most wonderful people during our traveling and have made the greatest friendships! We had never done any kind of camping or RVing...nothing along this line of travel. And one day I told Jim we should try it so after two years of research, which kept bringing me back to the Newell, we jumped in & have not had a single regret! I enjoy reading about everyone's experiences and I've learned so much from monitoring a couple of other forums so I'm really happy to have this site to learn everything Newell!


The Newell
01-17-2006, 05:01 PM
Welcome jrarriola,

I just wanted to welcome you to Newell Classic. I am sure you will enjoy yourself as I have and I look forward to reading about your travels. I own a 1976 Newell Classic and I just love it. The quality is the best I've seen and I guess the saying goes "Once you have owned a Newell the rest just are so cool" J/K but nothing I have looked at compared to the quality of the newell and I wouldn't own anything different now. I would like to move up to a wide body but that won't be for a few more years. Anyways I just wanted to give you a little info about myself and welcome you.


Newell Attack
01-17-2006, 05:17 PM
Nothing better then having some more Newell Owners join the forum :D , Rosetta & Jim Welcome we too have some family in your area what a small world. I read that you have owned your Newell for 2 years was it everything you thought it was and more? I know when we purchased our Newell we really didn't know what a Newell was but now we do. It is the best built motorhome on the market today in my book. I know others would think different but in the time we have owned our Newell we have not had any problems what so ever. The craftsman ship is untouchable by any other manufacturer. Ok ok enough with me rambling on :lol: Welcome and we hope to see you often on the boards!! 8)

Newell Attack

Retired Phil
01-17-2006, 05:23 PM
Welcome Rosetta and Jim,

You have found the right place for sharing information and just chatting about newells. We are still growing as you can see but with all the newell owners out there and people looking to purchase a newell this will become the Newell Stop to find everything you need to know about a Newell. Atleast that is what I would like to see. I know I speak for all the members when I say Welcome and If you have any type of question whether it's regarding your newell or not let's chat and get to know each other.