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»»»»»»»»»»»»How About Enhancing Your 'CB Slangs & Stuff'
»»»»»»»»»»»» 'NewellClassic.com' 'Beside Swearing, At Certain Moments'
Have You Ever Wish To TALK LIKE A TRUCKER ?
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« ~ » Quite a while back I pick-up this sheet in a 'Truck-Stops.'
« ~ » "Some of These Might 'Irritate or Offence Some of You.'
Please indicate those and I will be glad to pull them out."
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« ~ » "If You Have A Few 'S-L-A-N-G-S' of Your Own and Even 'S-P-I-C-I-E-R,'
'Post Them' We Would Sure Like To Read and May Be Use Them
". . . If You' All Know What I Mean !"
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Slang Terminology : Meaning

Advertising : Usually a highway patrol vehicle with its lights flashing ;
Alley Cat : Another way to describe a less than sophisticated but pretty lady ;
Alligator : Piece of a tire that has blown and shredded - (usually a retread) on the roadway ;
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Back Door : The rear of a tractor-trailer unit - "…he's coming' up on your back door!" ;
Bambi : Deer on or close to the roadway ;
Barbers : Used to describe a low overpass below the min 4.121 meter height req. of a truck
(13' 6") ;
Bait or Bear Bait : When one vehicle is up front creating the traffic tempo - making itself
bait for police radar ;
Bear : Police ;
Bear (Cave) : Police Station... (zoo) ;
Bear in the air/Flying Bear : Overhead police in chopper equipped with radar ;
Bear (Meat) : Vehicle without a radar detector ;
Bear (Report) : When asking for last known police location ;
Better Half : Your spouse ;
Big Truck : Tractor power unit, Big Rig ;
Bingo Cards : A card that holds several permit stamps from different states. Becoming less
common w/ the IRP ;
(On the) Boardwalk : Describes a road that is very bumpy. Not advised for bobtailing or
loose loads ;
Boogie (down) : Put the tractor in high gear for maximum speed ;
Boy Scouts : A number of police in one location ;
Brake (check) : When you need to slam the brakes 'on' in heavy traffic or if an obstacle
appears in front of the truck ;
Break : CB Radio term for interrupting a current conversation between other users ;
Break (channel) : CB Radio term for requesting conversation on a specific channel. Ex:
"Break 37, put her up to 37, John!" ;
Breaker, Breaker : CB radio user asking to use a channel, or to cut in ;
Buggin' Out : CB radio user leaving a channel ;
BullDog : Referring to a 'Mack' truck ;
Bumper Sticker : Vehicle following behind too closely ;
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Camera(s) : Police photo radar unit(s) ;
Cash Register/Change Counter : A toll booth ;
Chew and Spews : A truck stop or truckers restaurant / coffee stop ;
Chicken Coop/The Coop/Hen House : Inspection Station or truck weigh station, port of entry,
etc. ;
Chicken Lights/Xmas Lights : Several extra lights on a tractor and/or trailer unit ;
Chicken Ranch¨: A brothel; house of pleasure.. (shanty town) ;
City Kitty : Female police officer ;
Clean/Clear Shot : Highway clear of highway patrol units / little traffic ;
Cloak/Dark-time : Describes night falling ;
Coal Bucket/Dumpster : Tandem Dump trailer ;
(The) Coke : The famous Coquihalla Hwy #5 in B.C. Known for its altitude and constant
weather changes that can occur in minutes ;
Comeback.. : CB slang for please answer my question or comment, also means repeat... ;
Comic Book : Truckers logbook ;
County Mounty/Mounty : U.S. or Canadian Highway Patrol
Covered Wagon : Tandem Dump trailer or gravel truck with a tarp-covered load ;
Cowboy : Term for dangerous driver - imprudent actions or carelessness on the roadway. En-
dangers themselves and others ;
Crotch Rocket : Old term for a motorcycle - usually a fast sport bike where the rider is hunched
over the gas tank ;
Cub Scouts : A sheriff's deputies ;
»»»»»»»»»»»» 'NewellClassic.com' «««~~»»» 'NewellClassic.com' ««««««««««««
"Do it to it.." : To speed up; get going ;
Double Harley : To put the dial of the CB radio to channel 11 ;
Double Nickel : Maintaining a speed of 55 mph ;
Down Stroke : Going downhill / to downshift and handle the downgrade ;
Dragon Wagon : A tow truck ;
Dry Dock : Freight sitting on a dry dock, awaiting shipping ;
Dry Van (box) : Trailer with no reefer unit attached and no insulation ;
Duped Earl : A driver who has been 'taken' or duped into taking a load that has very little return ;
»»»»»»»»»»»» 'NewellClassic.com' «««~~»»» 'NewellClassic.com' ««««««««««««
Ears on : Is a driver listening? Is the CB on ? ;
Eighteen Wheeler : Tractor trailer unit with 18 wheels ;
Evil Kinevil : A motorcycle policeman ;
»»»»»»»»»»»» 'NewellClassic.com' «««~~»»» 'NewellClassic.com' ««««««««««««
Fat Load/Heavy Load : Truck that is overloaded - too heavy for provincial transport regulations ;
Feedin' the Bears : Trucker that is receiving a ticket ;
Flappers : Same as 'Ears On' ;
Flip Flop : On the way back.. A driver's return trip ;
Four Wheeler : A non-commercial passenger vehicle - obviously with 4 wheels ;
Freight Burner/Freight Shaker : A Freightliner truck ;
Front Door : The front of a truck - something coming up ahead on the 'front door' ;
»»»»»»»»»»»» 'NewellClassic.com' «««~~»»» 'NewellClassic.com' ««««««««««««
Garbage : American trucker terminology for fresh produce. Canadians do not typically use this term. ;
Gatlin' Jim : Term for a well-known professional and seasoned trucker. Safe, courteous, etc. ;
Gear Jammer : A famous truck stop in Union Gap, Washington. Also describes a speeding trucker ;
Gear Jerker : Self-explanatory (depends on your interpretation, I guess...!) ;
Gear Slammer : A driver who varies speeds frequently from slow to fast. May be very tired or irate ;
Gettin' out.. : Getting off of the CB radio ;
Go to the Harley : Put the CB on channel 01 ;
Goanna go flatline/horizontal : Going into the sleeper for a rest ;
Got your Ears On.. : Variation of 'Ears On' ;
Grass : Usually referred to as the median (as in middle or side of the road) .. See also 'rhubarb'... ;
Gratin' Jane : Rookie female trucker. Grinds the gears, etc. ;
Green Stamp Road : Toll road ;
Green Stamps : Monies paid for traffic fines ;
»»»»»»»»»»»» 'NewellClassic.com' «««~~»»» 'NewellClassic.com' ««««««««««««
Hammer (down) : To step on the accelerator / put it to the floor ;
Handle : CB name a trucker prefers to be addressed by - "What's your handle, mac?" ;
Harvey (Wallbanger) : Name given to a driver who doesn't garner much respect from other ;
drivers. i.e.: dangerous, reckless, careless, etc. ;
Honey bear : Female police officer (also: city kitty...) ;
Hooterbox : CBer that won't shut up ;
»»»»»»»»»»»» 'NewellClassic.com' «««~~»»» 'NewellClassic.com' ««««««««««««
Icebox : A driver in a unit with no working heater ;
Idiot box : Television set ;
Invitations : Tickets ;
»»»»»»»»»»»» 'NewellClassic.com' «««~~»»» 'NewellClassic.com' ««««««««««««
Juvenile Delinquent : Young people on the radio tying up valuable channels like #19 ;
»»»»»»»»»»»» 'NewellClassic.com' «««~~»»» 'NewellClassic.com' ««««««««««««
Landline : A hardwired telephone ;
Linear (amp) : An amplifier generally used to increase the transmission output of a CB radio ;
Local Yokel : A person local to the immediate municipality ;
Lot Lizard : A lady of the night; prostitute ;
»»»»»»»»»»»» 'NewellClassic.com' «««~~»»» 'NewellClassic.com' ««««««««««««
Makin' Bacon : We ALL know what this means! ;
Make the trip (grade) : Is my transmission being received ok? (Comeback...) ;
Mile Markers : U.S. interstate highway mile markers posted at roadside, very seldom seen
in Canada due to extreme cost of posting them ;
Milwaukee 2 Wheeler : Harley Davidson® Motorcycles ;
Mix Master : Used to describe a highway overpass's cloverleaf -- why? Because vehicles
tend to roll or slide off of these when going too fast ;
Montreal Hill (The 'Hill') : Famous steep hill in Ontario's Precambrian Shield country, northwest
of Sault Ste. Marie, along northern Lake Superior ;
Motor City : Good old' Detroit, MI ;
»»»»»»»»»»»» 'NewellClassic.com' «««~~»»» 'NewellClassic.com' ««««««««««««
On the Side : Shoulder of the roadway ;
Over your shoulder : Behind you ;
»»»»»»»»»»»» 'NewellClassic.com' «««~~»»» 'NewellClassic.com' ««««««««««««
Parking Lot : Vehicle transport truck ;
Pickum-up : A half-ton pickup truck (Boxed 4-wheeler...) ;
Picture machine (taker) : Photo radar, also normal radar ;
Plain (Brown) Wrapper : An unmarked police vehicle ;
Prairie Fire : The setting sun on the horizon that gets in your face making it difficult to see ;
Pumpkin : A flat tire ;
»»»»»»»»»»»» 'NewellClassic.com' «««~~»»» 'NewellClassic.com' ««««««««««««
Quick Shine : A good cleaning from a rainstorm... (window wash) ;
»»»»»»»»»»»» 'NewellClassic.com' «««~~»»» 'NewellClassic.com' ««««««««««««
Raging' Cajun:V : Black-haired beauty from New Orleans (expanded to include the southeastern
U.S., but generally the state of Louisiana) ;
Raking' the leaves : Trailing behind a line of big trucks... ;
Ratchet Jaw : Idiot that won't stop talking... ;
Read (me..) : To hear correctly i.e.: "You reading' me Jake?" ;
Rest em up : To rest at a roadside rest area ;
Rhubarb "Whoaa - hit the rhubarb!": An old description for someone hitting the ditch, or
about to! ;
Rig(s) : Tractor power unit; Big Truck ;
Rocking Chair : Vehicle caught between two big trucks ;
Roger Beep : A cheap device bought at truck stops that 'beeps' when the mike is depressed /
released, for the tone deaf and annoying as hell! ;
Roger wilco : (Ok, received correctly), will comply... ;
Roller Skate : Usually a small 4 wheeler (car) ;
Rolling Parking Lot : Variation on Parking Lot ;
»»»»»»»»»»»» 'NewellClassic.com' «««~~»»» 'NewellClassic.com' ««««««««««««
Seat Covers : Very attractive women inside vehicles (an old term...) ;
Shake the leaves : To see what lies ahead ;
Shaky Town : Los Angeles, CA ;
Shanty : A truck that shouldn't be on the road due to its horrible condition ;
Shanty Town : Another term for a brothel, or house of pleasure... (chicken ranch) ;
Shiny Side : Top of the trailer (top side...) ;
Skateboard : A flat decked trailer ;
Smokey on four legs : An old euphemism to describe Royal Canadian Mounted Police ;
Stagecoach : A travel bus ;
»»»»»»»»»»»» 'NewellClassic.com' «««~~»»» 'NewellClassic.com' ««««««««««««
Thermos : Tanker truck; oil, gas, milk, etc. ;
Tijuana taxi : A well marked police unit - such as highway patrol vehicles ;
Tin Can : CB radio ;
Tokyo 2 Wheeler : Large Japanese-made motorcycle ;
Train Station : Traffic court that finds almost everyone who appears before it, guilty of a traffic
conviction (there is one such place in Washington!) ;
Two-wheeler : Self-explanatory for a motorcycle ;
»»»»»»»»»»»» 'NewellClassic.com' «««~~»»» 'NewellClassic.com' ««««««««««««
Walked Over.. : When someone with a more powerful transmitter (i.e.: more than the legally
approved 4 watts) starts talking over your conversation, drowning you out. Extremely arrogant
behavior, but some drivers are like that. Others just don't hear you, period ;
Willy Weaver : Driver under the influence, or extremely tired ;
Windjammer : Driver that won't shut up.. (hooter box, ratchet jaw...) ;
Window Wash : A good cleaning from a rain shower. (quick shine) ;
»»»»»»»»»»»» 'NewellClassic.com' «««~~»»» 'NewellClassic.com' ««««««««««««
Yardstick : Again, they are mile markers positioned at the side of the interstate highway.
Good practice to use this term ;
You got a (copy) on me : Yet again, a question over the CB radio for "Do you hear me?",
"Am I coming in?" ;
»»»»»»»»»»»» 'NewellClassic.com' «««~~»»» 'NewellClassic.com' ««««««««««««
Zoo : Another term for a highway police station... (bear cave).
»»»»»»»»»»»» 'NewellClassic.com' «««~~»»» 'NewellClassic.com' ««««««««««««
« ~ » Some are 'Pretty G o o o o o o D !'
". . . If You' All Know What I Mean !"
May God Bless
KC ~ 82a What's this?

Leeann J
02-11-2013, 02:48 AM
These were good. I was laughin out loud.lol!

05-10-2013, 11:04 PM
"Do it to it.." : To speed up; get going ;

Sounds like somethin' I say. :bandit:

05-10-2013, 11:16 PM
If you turn your CB on and don't know what the heck they're saying then this list is good. Here are few more to add.

Affirmative Yes

Big truck Refers to an 18-wheeler or tractor-trailer. "Come on over, big truck".

Bird dog A radar detector.

Black eye A headlight out. "Driver going eastbound, you've got a black eye".

Buster Brown A UPS truck or driver.

Cabbage A steep mountain grade in Oregon.

Do what? I didn't hear or understand you.

Eyeball To see something.

Greasy side up A vehicle that's flipped over.

Having "shutter trouble" Having trouble keeping awake.

Through the woods Leaving the Interstate to travel secondary roads.

Toothpicks A load of lumber.

05-10-2013, 11:57 PM
That's a trucker list all right. :laugh: