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Stan Mcgee
09-20-2007, 06:24 AM
What is the difference in a class A and a coach conversion? Looking at a used Newell or a new class A.


09-20-2007, 02:23 PM
A Class A motorhome could be defined as a living unit constructed on a special designed bare motor vehicle chassis. This separates the Class A from the Class B (van conversion) and Class C (custom body on a cut-away van chassis).

Technically, the Newell is a coach but NOT a coach conversion. Prevost is the chassis/shell that is typically referred to as a coach conversion. Prevost builds shells that are used for over the road buses. They also sell shells to numerous conversion companies to modify for use as motorhomes. While the chassis/shell of the Prevost may be the same, the quality of the 'conversion' to a motorhome will vary significantly from one converter to another.

The Newell is built from the ground up specifically as a motorhome. The chassis, body and interior are all constructed at the Newell plant in Miami, OK. Because the Newell is designed from the ground up as a motorhome, rather than a over the road bus, there are more choices in door placement, number of slide-outs, size of slide-outs, interior layout and drivetrain components.

While the Prevost is a good chassis, the Newell is a better chassis for a motorhome.

By definition the Newell is a Class A motorhome, the premier motorhome in my opinion, it has construction features that set it apart from ANY other motorhome. It is the coach with the highest GVWR, the most powerful engine, a choice of two transmissions (Allison or ZF), and has the most customer choices available in ANY motorhome regardless of price. Each Newell is custom built. With the exception of a couple of show coaches that are produced each year, every Newell is constructed to the exact specifications of the owner who special orders it. The owner gets to choose the overall exterior length, the number, placement and size of slides, the location of the exterior door (front entry or mid entry), the number of baths, and literally the location of each piece of furniture and cabinet in the coach. There is NO other manufacturer of motorhomes that offers this level of customization to the customer. That is the reason you will never see two identical Newell's unless a customer had two identical coaches built.

Newell is, to my knowledge, the only manufacturer using an aluminum body and roof currently. Compare the thickness of the interior walls and cabinets in a Newell with any other motorhome and you will be amazed.

The Newell is truly in a class by itself, however, it is technically a part of the Class A motorhomes.

It is designed from the ground up to the most comfortable, livable and refined coach on the road.