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10-04-2007, 06:20 PM
"Want to Sell Your 'Newell Coach' like a 'Pro' on The WWWeb Classifieds !"
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
')(. . . WORDS )( terms )( More Words )( EXTRA TERMS )( more . . .)('
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
'Well, IMPROVE your AD(s) with 'KEYWORDS' !'
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ "When Placing An Ad, Always 'Insert Words' or a 'Phrase' or 'Something Similar' to this :"
'Better Than Prevost or MCI or Featherlite or Marathon or Liberty or Bus or Buses
or Any Coach or Coaches' and you could add your own 'Power Related Words.'
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ The Obvious Reason in Placing Such Words :
~ If a 'Buyer' inserts one of the above words in a 'KEYWORD(s)' Search, automatically your
'Newell Ad' will appear with the 'Buyer's Search Word(s)' and might be tempted towards your 'Newell !'
~ i.e.: A Buyer placing a word from the above line in the 'KEYWORD(s)' such as 'Bus' your 'Newell
Coach Ad' will appear in his search results.
~ Yes I know that your 'Newell Coach' isn't a 'Bus' but, because your ad content bears the word
'Bus' then it will appear to every buyer that inserts the Keyword 'Bus' !
~ ". . . Do You' All Know What I Mean ? ? ?"
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ That's What I Call 'MAXIMIZING Your Ad,' Texas Style.
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ If it's good for the 'Giant McDonald' to 'Maximize their Portions' to Look Similar to a 'Texas Style
'Whataburger,' then it must also be good for seizing a buyer's attention !'
~ Obviously, by doing so, your ad will gain visibility and that's what its all about !.
~ ". . . Now . . . You' All Know What I Mean ! ! !"
May God Bless
KC ~ 83a What's this?