View Full Version : Newell Coach Service cost ?

Paul Wilbert
10-24-2012, 08:46 PM
I was debating a trip to the factory for some minor service but first wanted to find out if anyone knows the current shop rate at Newell. This way I can make the right determination if we should preform the tune up locally or head to the factory.


Chester B. Stone, Jr.
10-24-2012, 11:03 PM
Paul, if your tune up includes valve and injector adjustment, and you have a Series 60 engine, there may be an issue related to access to the top of the engine. Newell shop will know the fastest and best way to obtain access and an unfamiliar shop may spend excessive hours trying to do this.

10-26-2012, 06:44 PM
Shop rate @ Newell was a very reasonable $110.00 a month ago. I think it is still the same. If it is engine work check with them first. Sometimes they farm engine work out to Cabin Diesel. We have our engine work done usually at a Detroit dealer. But for any other work on the coach we don't think you can beat the folks who built it! They know where everything is and goes. No learning curve.