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The Newell
10-27-2012, 05:35 PM
Reducing moisture is an important factor in preventing harmful mold and mildew. The Air-Dryrâ„¢ 1000 by Davis Instruments eliminates damp air from homes, boats and RVs.

Designed to operate anywhere, the Air-Dryr 1000 is easier to use than a dehumidifier and effectively dries 1,000 cubic feet of air. By using natural convection to heat and move air, the silent, high-volume unit has no containers to empty or hoses to connect.

Drawing damp air into its polycarbonate base, the Air-Dryr heats the air above the dew point and releases it out the top vents. The heated air rises and forces cooler, damp air through the Air-Dryr. This lowers the relative humidity and prevents mold and mildew growth.

At home, the Air-Dryr can be used in basements, closets, laundry rooms and home offices. As well as protecting walls from mold, it keeps appliances, tools and sporting goods free of corrosion. The Air-Dryr also makes spaces healthier by ridding areas of allergy- causing mold and mildew.

Containing no parts that cause sparking, the compact unit safely eliminates moisture from boats and RVs. Having a stable, low-profile design, the Air-Dryr fits conveniently in tight spaces. It has a 13.5" diameter and stands 4.25" high.

With no switch, fan or thermostat, the UL-listed Air-Dryr provides trouble-free operation. It runs continuously and is safe to touch. A thermal cutoff shuts off the unit if airflow is impeded. Using little energy, the Air-Dryr draws 1.1 amps and costs the same to operate as a light bulb.

In addition to the Air-Dryr 1000, Davis offers the Air-Dryr 500 for smaller spaces. The Davis Air-Dryr 1000 retails for $69.99.

Air-Dryr 1000 by Davis (http://www.davisnet.com/marine/products/marine_product.asp?pnum=01458)

10-27-2012, 09:13 PM
There is a potential issue with these. They only draw 1.1 Amps! and the Circuit Breaker is most likely 20 Amp.
There is a standard on boats using this type of device and that it has Dedicated Circuit Overload Protection that matches the Current Draw.
Just a word of caution, otherwise this is basically a small heater with a fan.

Newell Attack
10-28-2012, 05:27 AM
I have 3 of these and swear by them.

When we had the boat we used them and after selling the boat and purchasing our Newell I use them in it. Well worth the price in my book. Works better than a dehumidifier and no fuss, I just place them on the floor spaced throughout the unit, 1 at each end of living/kitchen area, 1 in the bedroom.

10-28-2012, 03:46 PM
Sounds interesting to me, will have to check it out.
Who has the best price on them, anyone know