View Full Version : Towing With Your Newell ? Why Bother Washing Your 'Toad ?'

10-24-2007, 10:46 PM
Towing a Vehicle Behind your Newell ?
"Now You Tell Me . . ."
"Why Should Someone Want To Wash A Dirty Toad ?"
'NewellClassic.com' ~~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ We've' All seen 'The Beverly Hillbillies,' well even if they were living in a Beverly Hills
mansion, 'Jethro' never did washed or had washed the '1921 Oldsmobile Truck' so why
should you ?

~ Wash your Towed Vehicle . . . It's a Waste of Effort and also a Misuse of Time and
Energy and yes, even if it's your better half that does all these chores.
'NewellClassic.com' ~~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ It's a 'Rolling Piece of Art !' Well with a touch of the 'Maestro' that is . . .

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May God Bless
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