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11-02-2007, 02:11 AM
I heard about a Newell entertainer coach. I've never seen one. I'm wondering if anybody else has. What are they like inside?


11-02-2007, 05:41 PM
I have never seen a Newell 'Entertainer' Coach. There is a Newell 'Hospitality' Coach listed here (http://www.newellclassic.com/classifieds/index.php?a=2&b=186) .

Most Entertainer Coaches have several bunks and a rear lounge or in some cases several bunks and a small rear bedroom.

11-04-2007, 02:37 AM
'Entertainer Coaches'
'NewellClassic.com' ~~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ Identified as : 'Executive Coach' or 'Prestige Seated Coach' or 'Executive Day Coach.'
'NewellClassic.com' ~~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ 'Newell Coach' could answer if they did an 'Entertainer Coach' with bunks and lounge area to seat
more people than usual and also a 'Limo Type Of Vehicle' so call 'Party Bus.'
Newell Executive http://img219.imageshack.us/img219/3734/newellexecutivecoachorphq7.jpg

~ These Coaches are well adapted for 'Specific Needs :
'NewellClassic.com' ~~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ 'Executive Limo Coaches' provide comfortable and secure transportation as an excellent alternati-
ve to commercial air travel :
Generally these 'Traveling Vehicles' are for 'Longer Routes' converted to a more relax layout,
increase individual space, more leg room and all commodities. A wet bar with service and other goodies
(See the above photo by Newell) ;
'NewellClassic.com' ~~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ An 'Executive Day Coach' is every company's dream. A relaxing comfortable coach with ambiance :
From a Motorhome or Bus, these coaches are personalized to reflect a company's savoir faire.
Luxury Corporate travels to sporting events, golf outings and others. These coaches also serve as the
company's presentation and demo unit ;
'NewellClassic.com' ~~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ Can forget Universities for their traveling purposes :
A variety of activities . . . "You 'All Know What I Mean !" ;
'NewellClassic.com' ~~ 'NewellClassic.com'
'Entertainer Coaches'
'NewellClassic.com' ~~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ The real 'Entertainer Coaches' are built for 'Entertainers' and 'Stars' the most popular are conver-
ted from a 'Prevost Coach call 'XLII Entertainer'' with a longer wheelbase (339") and larger bay areas.
Most of them do not have slides but it's an option that is getting more popular.
'NewellClassic.com' ~~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ In the 'Music Industry' buried deep in the 'Country,' 'Bluegrass' and 'Soul Bones,' there's only one
'Real McCoy, called the 'Bus' is an 'Eagle.' ask Willie Nelson, 'He'll Tell' Ya !' . . and maybe 'He'll Throw In
A Couple Of His Personnel Stories . . . " " To all the girls I've loved before, Who traveled in and
out my door, I'm glad " . . . "If you Know What I Mean !"
'NewellClassic.com' ~~ 'NewellClassic.com'
We're seeing more and more vehicles being converted as 'Entertainer Coaches' from H3s, MCIs,
XLIIs in 40' or 45', Van Houls (some), truck base motorhomes and others with more and more slides.
The 'Eagle' has been revived and production is in limited quantities, will they survive ?
'NewellClassic.com' ~~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ The last time I boarded one of these, it wasn't 'A Non-Smoker Bus' . . .
"If you Know What I Mean !"
'NewellClassic.com' ~~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ The real 'Entertainer Coach' can be adapted with different number of bunks.
The so call 'Tours' can be short so the 'Leasing Coach Companies' will lease the coach to many'Bands'
and 'Stars' and will cater to the demand of them to included more or less 'Bunks.'
~ A 'Star Coach' will be a kind of motorhome sometimes fitted with only a few bunks and the new
tendency with the newer models will be fitted with one or two slides.
'NewellClassic.com' ~~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ In regards to the quality, options and elegance of the insides and bay areas, 'Entertainer Coaches'
have a more commercial look and feel with less options are in general less co$tly. They cannot be com-
pared to Bus Conversions or Newell Coaches with al their glitters.
May God Bless
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11-06-2007, 09:36 PM
What does a 'Silver Eagle' Looks Like ?

'CLICK on the THUMB' http://img62.imageshack.us/img62/2681/eagle15455jf9.th.jpg (http://img62.imageshack.us/my.php?image=eagle15455jf9.jpg)
'CLICK on the THUMB' http://img103.imageshack.us/img103/366/eagle5ra6.th.jpg (http://img103.imageshack.us/my.php?image=eagle5ra6.jpg)
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
You Can Recognize a 'Silver Eagle' by it's 'Huuuuuuge Front Bumper' and with it's two-piece 'Wind-
shield' gives somewhat a look
similar to 'Huuuuuuge Bee's Eyes' and cant forget the arrangement of
the 'Tag Axle' in 'Front' of the 'Drive Axle.'
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
An 'Eagle' or should I say 'Silver Eagle' is a 'Great & Loving Kind of Coach' Perfect for the 'Do-It
Yourself Handyman or Handywomen' and that's a total other story.
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ No comparison to the 'Dominant Newell Front Elevation.'

Silver Eagle http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/766/eaglebeeseyes1qw0.jpg Newell Coach http://img124.imageshack.us/img124/8356/newellfront01yl4.jpg
May God Bless
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11-07-2007, 03:15 AM
"'Willie Nelson'. . . Has 2 DIFFERENT KINDS"

~ We 'All Know 'Willie Nelson' http://img292.imageshack.us/img292/1956/willienelsonwikipedia02rf9.jpg
~ Well he has two different kinds . . .
~ There's the 'Willie Nelson's T-O-U-R _ B-U-S'
~ and . . .
~ There's Also the 'Willie Nelson's B-U-S-T.'
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ In 1997, Willie retired is 'Old Silver Eagle' tour bus with over '3 million miles.'
~ They don't say if it was a case of a 'Smoking Engine' or to much 'Smoke in the Engine.'
. . . "Hope You 'All Know What I Mean !"
May God Bless
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11-07-2007, 03:42 AM
"May Be A Song About A Newell . . . Why Not ?"
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ Now, why doesn't 'Willie' have a 'Newell Entertainer Coach ?'
~ With the addition of sales and marketing executive, Jim Simms, we might see a 'New Direction
for Newell, an 'Entertainer Coach Division'. . . "It's only a thought !"
~ It's something to think of . . . may be 'Willie' will then write a song about a Newell and then . . .
and then Doubling the Production ! . . "It's only a thought !"
May God Bless
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11-07-2007, 03:51 AM
Newell's slow, methodically growth has led to success without the quality pains that many other RV manufacturers have experienced.

I, for one, appreciate that Newell remains focused on their core business, making the best motorhome money can buy.

11-09-2007, 04:03 PM
~ I do agree Michael,
with a steady growth, 'Newell' seems to be on the right track and I'm not
questioning Newell's quality nor being the greatest and advance technical

~ Perhaps we 'Newell Lovers' should perhaps start a new tread has a
new topic and layout all the avenues that a 'Company Such As Newell'
would or could benefit from a 'Certain Type Of Expansion.'

. . . without forgetting that "It's only a thought !"
May God Bless
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11-11-2007, 04:35 PM
"The World's Largest and Most Luxurious Limo" ~ That's What They State
Remember Yogi Bear's punch line . . .
"I'm loose . . . in the Caboose !"
"Some Day, It Could Well Happen. . .
"With This Type Of Arrangement !
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ Their Web Site by' CLICK HERE (http://www.themidnightrider.com/)
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
"Sure Ain't A Newell !"
May God Bless
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