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11-25-2012, 05:06 PM
We have a Dometic refrigerator. Here is our problems:

1. Ice maker stopped working- Have checked all switches, checked water valve all ok, ice maker cycles but no water in tray and 2. Switch refrig to propane and the gas comes on, works for couple of minutes then shuts off and the check light comes on. Any thoughts? Help!!!

Just love our dometic
Thanks for the help.

11-25-2012, 07:22 PM
Ice maker.. You said it cycles so I'm going to skip just to the water parts and the possible problems:

During part of the cycle a cam shaft operates a switch,the switch is adjustable..(The adjustment screw moves the switch) so that the cam holds it open only for a precise period of time

This switch provides power to the water solenoid (Valve) outside allowing water to flow through the tube into the ice tray

Possible problems and suspect level Listed in CHRONOLOGICAL order

1: Switch adjusted to the point it never closes (very low less you've played with it)

2: Switch failed (low)

3: Broken wire (Low)

4: Failed solenoid (medium)

5: water line problems (varied)

5a: In-line shut off valve closed (low, unless you physically closed it)
5b: Frozen water line.. Supply side; Low unless you are in freezing weather
5c: Frozen line solenoid to ice tray (HIGH)
5d:Frozen water "Chute" inside freezer (HIGH)
5e: No water supply.. I assume you have water pressure elsewhere

There is also a low possibility of wire harness failure

Suggested test procedure

I like test lamps.. volt meters work too but are harder to read

Meter or lamp the solenoid electrical terminals.. Watch for solenoid power.. If none, suspect switch, adjustment, and wires
If power appears, then shuts off after a few seconds.. Did solenoid "CLICK" If yes, Disconnect water line from solenoid outlet and replace with any handy tube that fits over the fitting or another proper piece of tubing with a compression fitting (you can get ice maker tubing and compression fittings at most any hardware) again cycle.. do you get water out of this temp tube?

If yes, defrost freezer, make sure you can BLOW THROUGH the water line that goes INTO the ice maker

If you did not get water.. Make sure you can BLOW THROUGH the water line that goes INTO the ice maker.. and re-connect to solenoid.

now close shut off valve.. Oh, it was closed. problem solved.. No, it was open Disconnect water line from solenoid supply side, and re-route OUTSIDE, open valve SLOWLY, does water flow? no frozen line up-line. I'm not going to suggest a fix because that's not a ice maker issue.

Newell Attack
11-26-2012, 12:18 AM
Did you interrupt your 120v supply , If the ice maker was working an you lost power 120 to the Refer it will shut down the cycle of the ice maker an you have too wait for a complete recycle off the timer before it will refill and start producing ice again You can remove the white cover on the unit itself and there are test points you can check with a meter an also energize the water valve/ also check an see if the filter screen in the valve may be clogged with debris .. Your refer shutting down you need too check an make sure the burner is clean and got a good flame if so you may have a bad thermcouple an this is what tells the control board you have a good flame if not it shuts down the gas for safety / easy too change Phillips screwdriver / 1 screw near the burner 1 in the top of control board an 2 spade connections on the board itself !! Hope this helps its all repairable