View Full Version : Nothing like relying on your power company or ISP

11-29-2012, 03:59 PM
We have had nothing but problems with power going down and our Internet Service Provider having some kind of failure lately, and for long stints. I have been without internet probably a total of 6 days in the last two weeks and we were without both last night living under lanterns and candles. Good thing I own a earth-contact home, so we didn't need heat during the power down time.

This makes me think about how nice it is to have a coach with the generator as kind of a back up. Just have make sure you have plenty of diesel in the tank.

12-01-2012, 01:19 PM
I always have plenty of diesel in the tank otherwise if I had to jump in my coach in go in a hurry...I wouldn't get that far! lol! Glad you got your internet back on and working.

12-01-2012, 03:16 PM
Here in southern Louisiana whenever a hurricane passed through there were power outages but not like we've had since Katrina. It seems it is now illegal to use creosote treated power poles so the utilities are using the pressure treated poles. Only problem is with our high water table they are rotting just below ground level. They look ok but when a storm comes through they snap off. Since Katrina every hurricane has meant numerous outages with many thousands of snapped poles. But the old creosote poles are still standing, leaning over but they just straighten them out. So now instead of a couple days of power outages we have a couple weeks of outages. Not fun.
And when they do have to replace the creosote poles they have to be treated as hazardous waste! OK if left in the ground but once removed they are hazardous????
We can thank our congressmen and environmentalists for ridiculous stuff like this.

12-01-2012, 03:21 PM
We're going backwards...in this country. :cursing: