View Full Version : Anybody Tow a Hybrid or Eco vehicle behind there luxury coach?

Billy Bussman
12-03-2012, 01:44 AM
We have been studying and looking at some different Eco-vehicle's or hybrids and wondering if anybody else is using this type of vehicle as a toad? I'm wondering if there are any concerns with this type of vehicle? Also, if certain electric cars like a Fisker or Tesla make any sense? Would it look stupid towing a very fuel efficient vehicle behind a fuel guzzling behemoth?

12-03-2012, 02:51 PM
Billy, you have an interesting question. I don't think it would look stupid towing or hauling a Hybrid or EC behind a luxury coach at all. Maybe for some, that would be a possibility as there are a lot of braggarts in luxury coach ownership and I know a few that like to pay high for everything and think for example the price of diesel is a bargain. One guy always tells me; "Pay High, Charge High and Die With a Clear Conscience". I actually think the opposite, but whatever. I also know folks that by owning a very fuel efficient toad, they offset expenses and resources consumed by their beloved behemoth.

I am aware of the Tesla company but not really up on Fisker. Tesla's are quite pricey and have great styling and appear to be a first rate offering. What kind of vehicle is a Fisker?