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12-09-2012, 04:52 PM
As much as we don’t ever want to think of our prized possession, our baby, breaking down,
it is still something that we need to be prepared for… (kinda like when we sign-up for
that life insurance policy). So, we thought that we’d provide you with some basics to get you
prepared. For more extensive information, we are here anytime to further assist you.

First things first, know your coach! What do we mean by that? Know your coach specs
(the make, model, length, weights, distance between the front bumper & center steering axle,
type of suspension, location of the generator & the height from ground to highest fixed point). All of this information will properly assist you
when making the call to roadside assistance. The person answering the service call may be a call center operator and not familiar with your exact
coach. They will need to know who to send out with the correct tow truck.

When placing the roadside assistance call, make sure to give them your callback number at the beginning in case the call gets disconnected. Also,
get the name of the representative you are speaking with for your own records. Be sure to provide the exact location of the breakdown (road
names, nearest mile marker, landmarks.) If you have a GPS system, you can find out more detailed information such as coordinates or nearby
streets. Another thing to include is the orientation to the road of the stopped motorhome and the surrounding environment (i.e. one tire on the
shoulder & one tire on a grassy slope, up against a concrete barrier, stuck in the snow or mud or ice, etc.) It may end up that law enforcement is
your service provider. Again, make sure and offer them the same spec info so they can get you someone with the right equipment. And if there’s
already a tow company on the way, let them know that too so they don’t send assistance and you end up with two companies showing up. Please
understand that it is your right to not be forced to take a company with the wrong equipment
Did you know that it is against the law to ride in the coach while being towed? You need to tell the
towing provider how many people are in your group so they can properly provide service to accommodate the group’s
needs. The tow truck may only have room to transport one or two people at the most.

Another very important thing to consider is to find out the cost of the service up front. Ask questions like: “What is the
cost of the call?” “Is there a mileage fee?” “Is there an hourly charge?” “Are there fees for disconnecting the driveshaft or
removing the half shafts?” This will make a better business agreement and keep both of you working together so that
there are no surprises later. Because large majorities of towing providers are family-owned and the fact that in 2010, a
new tow truck for motorhome towing was a $250,000 to $400,000 investment, it is incredibly important to the provider
that they deliver a successful outcome.

Know what preparations need to be made in order to tow. There are certain mechanical items (air brake connection, transmission,
driveshaft and half shaft) that will have to be accessed or removed before it can be towed. And you want to triple verify that your custom exterior
painting design will be protected. This can be done by attaching tennis balls, shop rags or even towels to the air & electrical lines that are extending
from the tow truck to the back of the coach. The wiring measures approximately 60 feet in length.

While we hope that you never need these
notes, you can now create an emergency kit to
store that will offer the comfort & reassurance
that you are protected! Safe travels!

Original Source: Millennium Luxury Coaches Latest News & Updates | Millennium Luxury Coaches (http://www.millenniumluxurycoaches.com/News)

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Thxs for sharing Sean that article provided a lot of good information.

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Yeah, that is great information to know regarding towing a big luxury coach like a Newell, bus conversion etc..... Thanks Sean

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Thanks for posting and sharing Sean!!! Good to know info for us coach owners indeed! :thumbsup:

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