View Full Version : Anybody watch "Storage Wars" ?? Its days may be numbered!

12-12-2012, 02:40 AM
I was just reading about that “Storage Wars” show, which I have watched many episodes of. Anyway the one dude name Dave Hester who plays kind of a big shot, well actually most of them try to play the part, lol. Dave Hester is suing the producers of the show that airs on A&E for $750,000 after a disagreement over the ethics of the shows illegal practices. I can’t say I blame the guy for having a disagreement after learning knowledge of some of the things they do that are against storage auction code of ethics. I happen to have a friend that owns a couple of the storage units in California that had taken part in at least two of the shows previous episodes.

I had asked my friend if he was aware any of the shenanigans going on, and he said they he was not aware of any. However he did wonder about it after seeing some of the episodes on TV himself. My friend had also mentioned the neighboring storage facility across the way from him in the past got into trouble for cutting locks, going through lockers and then replacing the cut lock with another the morning of the auction. This practice came back to bite them in the you know what, and now it is going to bite these producers the same way. I don’t think the producers needed to go down the road less traveled to make the show a hit. Dave Hester also mentioned that they paid one of the girls on the show to have cosmetic surgery for an improved look, they wanted her and her husband to play a larger role. Funny thing is my son had thought something was improved or changed with her looks. Lol, he actually noticed it.

I do know that actually a few of those buyers on the show are real folks who have been going to storage auctions for many years and their luck really paid off with this show becoming a success.

12-17-2012, 04:09 PM
I liked that show but didn't hear this news. I don't blame Dave Hester! What a disappointment... Thanks for keeping us informed.