View Full Version : Still in the Hunt for that Almost Perfect Luxury Coach

Gone Busing
10-16-2012, 06:30 PM
Looked at a nice 1999 Newell today at a bus conversion dealer in Texas and they also had a couple of other nice Prevost RV's. The wife and I did like the Newell with the two slide-outs. The black trim and color was nice not sure how hot it would get during the summer etc. The Prevost we really like was a conversion done by Millennium Coach and the wife really fell in love with the cabinetry. If we could only get that cabinetry in the Newell she'd be sold.

The hunt continues.

10-17-2012, 02:24 AM
Jay, isn't that the way it goes. Just like a house, you like most of the house and great big shop, but the wife can't handle the thought of the kitchen. What kind of cabinets were in the Millenium Coach? I feel the same way sometimes when I look at Newell's and then look at some other conversions. If I could find a double slide Newell that was really sound mechanically but needed some good interior upgrades and the price really made sense, it would get a huge makeover and some redesigning my the wife and I. It would be some of our own level of custom.