View Full Version : What draws down coach batteries when parked?

12-13-2012, 03:34 PM
I know that the Carbon Dioxide detector work off batteries and the radio too, but anything else draw on the batteries when parked?

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David Carrol
12-13-2012, 05:50 PM
In general the carbon monoxide detector doesn't draw enough to matter. Many of them run on their own battery.

Possible problem areas include:
- Propane detector
- In some cases, smoke or carbon monoxide detectors but most of these have their own batteries
- Fridge ignition circuit
- Water heater ignition circuit
- Antenna amplifier
- Stereo (easy to leave on and forget about if inside a locker as is the case in my rig)
- Reading lights dimmed down but not shut off
- Lights inside storage compartments (again easy to forget unless there's a door switch)
- Tank level sensors if left on
- Inverter
- Furnace if thermostat is turned down but not off and it runs some of the time

Most rigs have a battery disconnect to deal with this.