View Full Version : Newells on the Thanksgiving move

Richard and Rhonda
11-26-2007, 12:56 AM

We all know Newells arent't the most plentiful rig out there, so I was quite surprised to see not one, but two Newells during our drive back from the Texas Hill Country.

The first was a Maroon colored mid 90's that I saw in San Antonio on Friday afternoon. The second I saw southbound on I-35 just south of Austin about dusk on Friday. It was a classic and I can't tell the model years on them.

We had a good trip with typical Texas weather. On Wednesday the A/C's ran continously, and I got sunburned while hiking. On Thursday the Aquahot got a real workout because the temp was 45 degrees lower than the day before.

So, if that was you, HOWDY !!