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11-27-2007, 07:06 AM
'Newell Coach, Again in the News'
Newell Coach Earns Oklahoma
Governor's Manufacturing Leadership Award
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ Newell Coach receives the prestigious Oklahoma Governor's Manufacturing Leadership Award
for advanced manufacturing methods and innovative adaptations to change.
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
Bravo ! . . Bravo ! . . Bravo !
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ You'll find the Complete Press Release by 'CLICKING HERE' (http://www.prweb.com/releases/2007/11/prweb571125.htm)
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ 'BRAVO AGAIN' to 'Newell Coach Corporation,' to it's president 'Karl Blade' and it's Workforce.
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ No Wonder there ain't anyone from Newell or even the Forum Administrator that replies or post
topics to help this forum, they're to busy picking up awards.
'NewellClassic.com' ~ 'NewellClassic.com'
~ While being on the subject, this is the way I see-it and hope that I'm wrong ;
From 'Newell and it's people' with Nil Activity, perhaps this forum has become to captive in time for
the Newell Folks and realized that it might have been a mistake creating this forum, or am-I wrong ?
May God Bless
KC ~ 100a What's this?
Source : PRWeb

Richard and Rhonda
11-29-2007, 02:02 AM
I would never suppose to know what others are thinking or what their motivation might be in regard to whether the forum was a mistake or not.

However, from a users perspective it is refreshing to have a forum sponsored by the vendor that has absolutely no hint of advertisement or self promotion from the vendor. That is not always the case.

11-29-2007, 03:02 AM
The domain for Newellclassic.com was created about 3-1/2 years ago and this forum was added in December of 2005 by an individual who had become interested in Newell and purchased one for his personal use. There was no affiliation between Newellclassic.com and Newell Coach.

Newell had their own Tech Talk support forum on their website but it was not a real-time forum. Posts were reviewed by Newell prior to posting and responses developed and posted as appropriate. This meant that questions would show up one or more days after they were originally submitted and frequently several days later a response from either Newell or another Newell owner would appear. As Newellclassic.com began to grow and serve as a platform for owners to help other owners, Newell began to see the value in consolidating their Tech Talk forum into Newellclassic.com providing almost real-time access to information.

A review of the posts indicates that several of the Newell corporate family, including Karl Blade and John Clark post here where it is appropriate.

I, for one, think that it is important for Newell owners to have a technical support forum available. It provides a means to communicate with each other, learn from each other and expand on the community that Newell fosters through their Rallies.

I hope that more and more Newell owners will find this an advantageous site in which to participate. Other high end motorcoach owners have forums which specialize in owners helping each other repair, maintain and upgrade their coaches. The relatively small number of Newell coaches limits the audience and participation but, in my opinion, makes the forum that much more important. Learning from someone else's experiences is a valuable teacher.

I have developed friendships with several of the members of this forum based on sharing our interest in our Newells. I have learned a great deal from them and continue to learn daily.

This forum has great potential to assist Newell owners. As the forum matures, I believe its value will become more and more obvious to Newell.

Let us keep this forum a strong asset to all Newell owners through discussions that foster solutions and knowledge of Newell coaches, new, classic and in between. We, and the site owner, have the power to make this a success or a failure. It takes money and effort to maintain a web presence. The Administrator and Moderator do this because they love Newells and want to benefit other Newell owners.

11-29-2007, 03:36 AM
I agree with Michael and Richard. This is a forum that is incredibly useful for any Newell owner who is new or needs to do any type of repair or maintenance. If i post a question, no matter how basic, i get a response sometimes within hours giving a courteous reply and advice. I check the site daily and enjoy the comments and questions that are shared. Granted, the usage is not for a wide audience, but on the other hand, alot of newer Newell owners probably don't do alot of the things themselves. I regularly check the BlueBird Wanderlodge site for information as well and they are a very tight online community and this forum has the opportunity to be such as well.

I try to share what i have learned as well as i go through and recondition the systems in my coach. It surely isnt like you can ask anyone local on this even though i live in motorhome heaven in Mesa, AZ.

i welcome any Newell owner to contact me and stop by and visit when in Mesa, AZ and share experiences. I only use my coach infrequently, and i do enjoy tinkering on it, so those who use theirs a great deal like Michael, offers a wealth of wisdom for neophites like myself.

I also appreciate the person who maintains this site on their own and is not affiliated with Newell. Thank you very much.